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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Our first off roading experience- Black Bear Pass

The trip back from Denver was MUCH more exciting than the trip up. We had three other jeeps of friends with us and we took the "scenic" route home. I was SO close to taking the fast route home because of a tiny toddler who was a terror the drive up and I'm SO glad we didn't. Deklan was a little angel. Plus it was AMAZING views the whole drive home! We stayed the night and woke up to these views...

This tiny town (Ouray, CO) was completely breathtaking. I had no idea we had this kind of beauty so close to home. It was surrounded by these canyons 360 degrees around.

I had no time to edit photos so the quality isn't the best on these but after waking up we too a hike in the canyons with our friends. SO pretty. We also realized after huffing and puffing a mile in that we are both out of shape.. :/ haha

 After the hike we hit the road home THROUGH the canyons (the long route) and up to Telluride CO. We had two jeeps in front of us. One of our friends had some issues with his jeep and decided going off roading probably wasn't the smartest. (good choice considering how crazy the off roading really was)

 And then we saw it. Someone told us this was THE trail to take with the new jeeps. We found out later that a level 5 trail was the HARDEST one to go on! I guess a lot of people have DIED on this trail and they might even be closing it!! Okay seriously had I known this prior to the point of no return- there was NO way I would have taken my ONE YEAR OLD with my husband who has NEVER done this before....oops! Luckily we are alive and just fine- but I literally may have crapped my pants a few times before ending this...okay not really- but I did yelp out for help a few times. It was much scarier than I had anticipated.

 It started out so nice...Eric with his wife Trish and Blue and his dad in front of us.

 Patches of snow everywhere. But perfect weather really.

Eric going up the first hurdle. It doesn't loo steep in this picture but I swear I was freaking out on this first one. Little did I would get harder! haha

 Warning signs everywhere!
 They call this place Little Switzerland of the US. Pictures will NEVER do this place justice- It was amazing!!
The ride was SO SO bumpy and this kid thought it was hilarious! He was cracking up in the back seat! haha

 Flowers everywhere!!
You can see the little town we started out in and how it is surrounded with the canyons!

We took a few stops to let Deklan and get out and stretch- he loved it :)

 Driving over the waterfall
 The view from the middle of the waterfall!

 This is to show you how intense most the drive was. DO NOT do this justice! It's a THIN one way drive and if you slip- you fall thousands of feet down to your death. Sounds was. haha!

I was holding my breath I felt like the whole time freaking out we might fall. Plus to turn there was never enough room so you would have to back up onto rocks and THEN make a turn. Not easy to maneuver such a large vehicle.

 The DROP when we were backing up inches away from the edge- Jonny's feet here are dangling off the edge to give an idea of what it was like.
Someone built this house in the middle of this beautiful place with a waterfall plummeting below their home- so pretty

 The cute town we finally got to have lunch/ dinner in.
Quite the adventure for our first off road experience :):)

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Kevin C said...

Thank you for sharing your adventure and Journey with US!!!!