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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Babymoon to Puerto Rico

I have LOTS of pictures to post of our two week babymoon to Puerto Rico. It was amazing, but I'm happy to be back home in my own bed. :) I will try to start at the beginning of the trip so bare with me- I will be making this blog into a book so am not leaving out any details here. :) Feel free to skim.

Our trip was meant to be one week staying at the Sheraton in San Juan Puerto Rico. Jonny had a few meetings up there and I was joining with. Our crazy trip starting on the flight out of the Phoenix Airport. Our flight was delayed but we all got on the plane excited to get out of town.

Next thing I know after being settled on the plane about 20 minuites waiting to take off the piolot says, " Please don't panic. We need you to exit the plane immediately- Leave ALL your things and please hurry." haha! I kind of chuckled- thought it was quit exciting- of course GRABBED my things anyways and got off the plane. I noticed 4 fire trucks outside the plane and more on the way. 8 fire trucks later and an hour of no explanation really- they say one of our bags caught fire and the flight was cancelled. My excitement turned to frustration as I see 75% of our flight got sent to hotels or their home to come back the next day.

LUCKILY they some how rerouted our trip- we were there an extra like 5 hours- BUT arrived at our destination only an hour after intended...not bad at all! We were one of the few lucky ones going to far away enough destinations that they worked with us. WHEW! Unfortunately- due to all the stress I got nauseated (thought I was going to dry heave like usual) but ended up throwing up ALL over my husband, myself, and the ground at the airport. So far this was my most embarrassing throwing-up in- public situation. It was a nightmare..:(

Nope- story doesn't end there. We flew in overnight to San Juan Puerto Rico- our bags were left in Phoenix leaving me cloth-less for a day or so. Luckily I had one swimsuit and that was all I really needed at the nice resort we were at. They brought my stuff a day later and I was SOOO grateful for a hair brush! lol! Our car rental place also fell through- again ended up being a blessing in disguise- it would have ended up being a waste of money.

So a VERY Brief Explanation on that week was this (sorry about all the food pictures- I am pregnant though so food was a big part of this trip- can you blame me? :)

We had LOTS of room service
Played at the Casino some and lost (Don't worry we won $60 on the cruise by chance WOOT WOOT!)
Relaxed and SLEPT A LOT! :)

(Ya that massive boat in the ocean is Bill Gates- it was MASSIVE!)
More food
Did a few meetings For Rosa- LOVE this girl! She took us too more good local food! Our Puerto Rican group is blowing it up! LOVE them all! :) Even with the language barrier we got lots of new people!
Dr Juan Felix had them open up his favorite restaurant JUST for us and they made us some special meals - this was their famous ceviche for Jonny
And since I didn't like sea food they literally had the chef throw a meal together made just for me. He asked what I like- I said spicy stuff, rice, chicken, beef...whatever...He had it ALL in there and it was the best meal I had the whole trip NO JOKE!
Us with Dr. Felix. This guy is a stud! He even let us stay at his house after the cruise and his amazing mom and him cooked for us. SO funny because while him and Jonny were off at a few meetings, his mom and I hung out- and she spoke NO English and I obviously speak NO Spanish- we still had a good time somehow!
After shopping at Costco we found this massive lizard hanging out in the road.
Did lots of hanging out in the pool with my massive belly. :)
Lots of Beach Time
My belly will continue to grow in the pictures- just watch... :)
And of course lots of lusting over cars and boats my husband swears he will have one day. :)
This was week one pretty much minus our trip to Old town San Juan that I will be posting soon! :) Such such such a fun week!!! :) Can't wait to go back!

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Megan said...

Wow, what a start to your trip! I am so glad you are okay and you made it to Puerto Rico on time. Your bump is so cute in a bikini :) You are making me excited about our babymoon :)