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Monday, February 13, 2012

Ribbon Trees Tutorial

My sister found these cute ribbon trees on pinterest that she thought I should try making for Declan's room. I decided to give it a try despite the fact there was NO tutorial to be found any where on the dang internet. So...I thought I would post a quick tutorial so you don't mess up three times when making them like I did. :) I figured these would be fun decor for Sara to use at the shower and I could use them in Declan's room! (Double Use is always a good thing!)

The inspiration: (From Pinterest)

The Supplies You will Need:

I would say like 8 spools of ribbon (4 yards each) should suffice.
2 clay pots (paint to paint the pot)
2 Styrofoam balls (One rectangular one for the bottom of the pots)
A wooden dowel for the stem of the tree
Hot Glue Gun

Cut the Ribbon into about 4 inch Strips (I messed the length up a few times- too short too long- I do think the larger you get the more it will look full like the tree on pinterest. I messed up quit a bit and ended up sticking between 3-4 inches) I of course coordinated the colors to Declan's room.

DO NOT Pin the ribbon like this like I did the first time:It will look like a Christmas tree

More Like this: Make a circle and pin it in like curlers on your head. :)

Than Paint the pot. I also decided to paint the stem of the tree- I tried using more ribbon down the wooden piece and didn't like it. I may repaint the stems light blue to match the room more. I may be going back and also adding tissue paper (like the pinterest trees) instead of the grass.

And they turned out like so:

I will be making a few adjustments to these- but here they are so far. They took FOREVER (I watched like 10 episodes of vampire Diaries while finishing this. ) The materials were a tad bit expensive- but if you already have ribbon you like that will cut down A TON of the cost. There ya have it- Ribbon Trees in all their glory. :)


Megan said...

They are adorable!!! Love the colors :) Good job!

DaisyChains said...

seen this before but with sweets instead of ribbons, but it looks so much nicer with ribbons! may give it a try :)

Rob and Becca Bingham said...

Way to go! Crafts can be frustrating, but so fulfilling!

*egberts* said...

Those are some of the cutest decorations!!!!!! The cutest part though is that they are for declan. I just read through your blog and I'm sooo sooo happy that you and baby are doing good. Love you!