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Thursday, February 24, 2011

I kinda want one...

Heck! I wouldn't mind two...
So I am trying to think positive...because this year it's gotta happen! It has to happen...I'm getting old. So I need the truth behind all of this (No I am not pregnant yet) Just planning, preparing, and hoping and was silly enough to check out all the gadgets needed for this adventure. It seems like A LOT of stuff...and I'm concerned is all. So what's the truth!
Do I need a jogging, full size, AND a lightweight stroller for reals??!!!! And do I need the most expensive car seat? What about all these jumpers, swings, walkers, gyms, and play-sets? I am little lost at this stuff, and am probably jumping the gun...but I have some good stuff in store for the months to come and want to be prepared. You know the Movie/Book The Secret? Fake it till you make it is basically the I'm fakin it. Any advice on all these gadgets would be helpful.:)


Dawn Davis said...

You can find pretty good full size strollers that you can use to go jogging with. As far as a lightweight stroller, they're easy for roadtrips and you can get them for like $5, so they're cheap. There are lots of second hand stores you can get really good toys and jumpers and stuff...some people cringe at that, but some days I don't see a point in spending $100 on something the kid is going to only use for a few months...the MUST have is a bumbo seat, you can usually find those on craigslist though. Anyway, I really hope things work out for you, you'd be a great mom!

Heather B said...

Well, in my opinion, you only need a fraction of the stuff, and you can get all of it on craigslist for WAY cheaper (because so many people go out and buy everything brand new, and they find out they don't need it all, or their baby doesn't really like certain things, or they grow out of it so fast, etc) so keep that in mind. I agree with Dawn. A Bumbo seat will be very helpful from about 2-7 months old, then your baby will probably be too big for it. Definitely a craigslist item. We get a lot of use out of a simple bouncy chair. Kalia loved her super basic swing ($15 on craigslist, just went back and forth) but Annie hated it. We borrowed a friend's cradle swing- if you have a fussy baby, they will probably prefer that, but better to wait and see what kind of baby you have before you go make a big purchase like that. We ONLY had a jogging stroller (with a swivel wheel! a must!) with both Kalia and Annie. It turned and drove so smooth. When they get older than 6 months, a cheap umbrella stroller is nice to have too. The baby will spend a lot of time in a car seat, we love the Graco Snugride for the first year. Probably one thing you should buy brand new. I have never bought the most expensive car seat, I don't think they're really necessary. More of a luxury. The Snugride is less than $100 and is very highly rated for safety and comfort- the two most important things. As for the other stuff like the jumpers and don't really need em. Not every baby likes em. I've heard a lot of baby likes the "exersaucer" type of entertainment centers, but my girls only liked them for about 15 minutes at a time, and again, we just bought that stuff used too. Hope that helps!!! Keep up the positive visualization! I like it!

karis stapley said...

I agree with the other moms. Some of its trial & error depending on what your baby ends up liking. In my opinion, a bouncer seat is a must, a good stroller is a must & yes a little umbrella stroller def. comes in handy when they're a little bit older. I recommend a baby carseat carrier/stroller combo set so that you can take the carrier straight from the car to the stroller w/out disturbing your sleeping baby. Yes, they say to buy your carseats new which I agree with, but pretty much all other equiptment you can get slightly used (except for binkies & bottles of course :). All my boys Loved their "exersaucers" so I highly recommend those. Also a "pack n play" travel crib is a must. Even for taking over to grandmas house for a visit during naps. As far as highchairs go, if you can afford the space, a full size one with wheels on it that can be wiped down easily is great, but with the twins we needed space savers so you could go with one that straps to a chair or we went with the Chicco brand 360 deg. swivel table clamp chairs, which we Loved! I shopped around on line to find a good price. They turn any direction so they can face you easily & it can compact down small for travel.
When I first started getting ready for our first, I def. appreciated tips on what was good baby gear to have on hand & what was not, but also remember that in the long run, it comes down to you & your babies preference & what works best for you guys. So, I still ended up doing a bit of research on the more expensive items that I knew we'd be using for the rest of our kids as well.

karis stapley said...

PS. ok. two more items I recalled that we used over & over & over that we loved.
1st- a baby swing. yes, some babies enjoy them more than others, but my babies all had some sort of reflux & the swing helps to sooth that for them greatly. So we got quite a bit of use out of them.
We LOVED the swings that can go both ways, either side to side or switch to front to back. I recommend the Fischer Price brand, either the Baby Papasan, or Lil Lamb Dream swing. We have both. Same thing, just differnt styles. Those were nice b/c they could lay in it like a cradle or sit it up more. So if/when they fall asleep, their head's not slumped over.

2nd. The VIDEO BABY MONITORS. They are heaven sent!! That way you can tell if the baby has lost its binkie or is squished in a corner of the crib or if he/she's asleep yet, ect. And if you do get one, get one where the video base can swivel up & down & around the room & where you can toggle the screen from the actual monitor. Ours was able to zoom in too, that was a very nice feature. We didn't have it with Cole, but did with the twins & we'd wished we had it from the beginning. They are AWESOME!
Good Luck Britt!

Jessica Muro said...

Hmm...I'd day get a nice easy stroller that is easy to push(imagine pushing a two year old in it in the future), an umbrella stroller is nice for when they are older, def want a swing, and as far as car seat the most expensive doesn't always mean the safest! But whatever you decide I am sure will be fine...all moms are different and you just have to get what works for you and that you know you will use. Good luck this year =)

AZ Finters said...

Ok, this is my thing. I research everything. Hey, I own 6 or 7 strollers, so I know what is the best. I LOVE my Maclaren single stroller. It is an expensive ($250) stroller but worth every penny. I also have a swivel wheel double jogger that I use for exercise. The Graco stroller is too big and too heavy to lift in and out of a car or SUV all of the time.
I love the Fisher Price aquarium swing. It swings front to back or side to side.
You have to buy the angel monitor. It senses the baby's movement and an alarm will sound if the baby stops breathing.
Dont buy a Graco highchair. Its too bulky.
Exersaucers are a must and so are jumperoos.
Carseats... My kids grow really tall, really fast, so I buy the Graco snugride 35. It goes up to 35 lbs I believe. The standard Graco snugride is lighter to carry and cheaper but if you have a big baby, he will only last in it for 8 months. They need to be rear facing for 1 year. There are convertible carseats that are for infant to toddler and can be rear facing or front. The Graco comfort sport is the best for this. BTW- the snugride is the top rated, safest seat.
Last but not least is a moby wrap. It is a huge long wrap to use as a baby sling/carrier. It doesnt hurt your neck or back like the other carriers do and you can put a brand new baby in it.
I hope everything works out this year! I'm sure you will be a great mom.

Julie said...

I'm right there with ya girlie!! I wouldn't mind 2 or even 3 at this point as long as I get to keep them. :) We should get together and have a mommies to be party!!

Suni said...

It will happen!!! I totally think you only need one stroller...make sure it is light weight all the loading and unloading gets to ya when its heavy! I do LOVE the britax carseats, thats probably what I go most expensive on. And a swing in a must have!! Oh wow you got lots of opinions so I will stop there! I want those baby pics you have on your blog.....I never got pics like that with my girls and soooo wish I did!! For sure get good pics!