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Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentines Day and Celebrating Nine Years of Marriage

Be prepared for a long overdue post.

I can't believe Valentines day has come and gone. A. because it's two weeks after Jonny and my anniversary which we BOTH forgot and B. moving makes everything crazy hectic for a while.

So, let's start with Valentines Day this year. We both said we weren't do anything really since we were both feeling a little overwhelmed...ya know with millions of boxes in our house and stuff. I decided to just grab some of his favorite cologne he just ran out of and make him breakfast. Nothing too exciting. Jonny of course had to one-up me on the thoughtfulness side. He rang the doorbell mid breakfast and when I got the door I found the massive bouquet of yellow roses, chocolates, my favorite drink, and the Cannon EOS 7D. The camera I've been wanting super badly with an external flash. I'm sure for professional photographers it's not THE BEST on the market ..but it's super nice and I am SO SO excited to try it out! :) He spoils me rotten. I don't mind.  :)

Of course we HAD to do the kissy picture idea found all over pinterest for Deklan's first valentines day. I had the TWO best Valentines ever!



It was NOT easy to get him to sit still for the kisses or the photos. These were taken on the old camera thank goodness because lipstick covered fingers were all over the lense :) And the night before we watched Luke while my sister and her hubby went out for the night. Luke and Deklan were SO cute together this time! They already love each other! :)

And now about my husband. Something happened to our computer RIGHT in the middle of our move. it completely died on us. If you know my husband then you know he is a total computer geek and can fix pretty much anything. He builds computers. Then he told me he couldn't save any of the files we had...including our pictures. I cried. Guys my videos of the day Deklan was born were on there, thousands of photos from the last NINE years we have been married and countless trips we had been on. I NEVER thought that could happen to us. It is THE WORST FEELING. Then it dawned on me. I blogged A LOT for a lot of the years we were married. I forgot how this used to be my journal. How important of an outlet this was to me. Reading back at the experiences we had been through together reminded me that instagram pictures weren't enough...So my goal is to blog more. More words and memories. Our life is far from perfect, we argue over stupid stuff and have weaknesses, but we are blessed and LOVE each other. More than ever we feel so blessed with little Deklan in our home. Here is a flashback of pictures I found on my blog. Most of these were from many years ago. We really have been through so much together. Crazy part about marriage is that you show your true self to someone- the good, the bad, and the ugly..and they still love you.

This man is a goofball but he is MY goofball!

And my VERY best friend!!

Best part of all of this is getting to experience everything all over again with Deklan. Being parents has brought us closer together. I can't wait to spend eternity with this man. Happy Anniversary Jonny!! Oh and p.s we can get the pictures back but it's gonna be SUPER expensive. Totally worth every penny though. :) Regardless THANK GOODNESS I did blog...just in case. It's nice to know those are backed up pictures for good.


Maria said...

Deklan is ADORABLE! I love the kiss photos and can't wait to take some next Valentine's Day! Glad you had a sweet one. I'm so sorry about your photos...happy you had tons on your blog! :) have a wonderful weekend! Xoxo

Our Journey Through This Lovely Life said...

What adorable pictures!! I love them! That is so sad about your computer! Thank goodness you have a blog that hold some of your most special memories!

Our Journey Through This Lovely Life said...

Ps Happy 9 years of Marriage!!!!!