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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

So Much to Tell

I had so many exciting things happen in the past week I have been excited to share.

#1 My hubby made Pro 7

For those of you who don’t know my husband is a professional multilevel marketer- and he’s dang good at it too.:) He ranked up this last trip which was a big deal for us and we have some amazing things happening right now to give us the financial freedom we need to travel and BOTH stay at home to raise a family.:) I am extremely proud of this boy for all the work he has put in- this is making life A LOT easier at this point. BECAUSE of this he was able to win a trip to Hawaii- thus bringing me to good news #2.

#2. We won an incentive trip to Hawaii I had NO idea we would get!
I am SO EXCITED to go back to Maui in a short 7 weeks time! September we will be staying at the Grand Wailea FOR FREE! I’m thrilled!:) For real though check this place out! We have good friends going and will get to chill on the beach for a week- SUCH good news!!!!! Now to the best news of all…

#3. My husband had an AMAZING surprise this week that made me a happy wife!:)

FIRST of all- I got to my hotel right next to Disney Land and Jonny booked us with this amazing 800 ft suite that I wasn’t expecting. He wanted to make this particular trip special for me since it was partially a business trip. He had chocolate covered strawberries waiting for us in the room which just made my night.:) I didn’t think it could get any better- but it did.

The next day was the business convention. Jonny was being a little secretive and slipped out for an hour- kind of confused me but didn’t think much of it. We were sitting on the sidelines while in front of a massive group of about 2,000 people our friends started talking about our story on stage. I was confused…still…but listened.

They talked about how we have struggled to be able to have a family and that it was hard to come up with the funds needed for in vitro. (We were planning on doing in vitro in January- waiting for the $15,000 cash to be all saved up) Then she said “Brittany all I can say is you need to talk to Jonny right now.” Jonny came over to me - crying- handing me a present and a card. The present had two baby outfits, animal crackers, and a card that said he had PAID for in vitro and called my doctor (behind my back) to book us to do in vitro for September! So there it is- I was thinking about keeping this quiet- but 2,000 people now know anyways- haha! SO- it’s official I am doing the transfer September 16th- ONE week before Hawaii- Talk about amazing timing. Couldn’t be happier!:) My husband is the best in all the land. Just sayin- I feel lucky.:) Please pray for us- we have been married almost 8 YEARS- it's our turn now- so I really hope this works! I will be posting all the details on my other blog- if you don’t have an invite and want one please let me know.:)

Here are the friends who went on stage to tell our story: Thank you Eric and Trish!:)

This is right when Jonny gave me the gift:

The inside of the gift Jonny gave me:

Here is what the card said:

The next day they played a few minute video about us and our story in front of that massive group- a little embarrassing- but fun to be a part of such a big family who are all so supportive!

On another note- we went to the Orange County Fair with some friends for the first time!:) We rode this AMAZING scary ride that I wouldn't mind doing again one of these days!

Now onto a few Disney Land photos:

Jonny brought me yummy Starbucks to start the day off:

We did 2 days at Disney Land and California Adventures which felt like JUST the right amount of time to get in all the necessary rides. Now that I am back I am busy working on getting things back to normal - as normal as things can be- scheduling out everything for in vitro and planning for Hawaii!!!!!:) Can't complain- this past week was SO what I needed!


AZ Finters said...

Ok, So I am so jealous about you going to the Grand Wailea. WE were there in October. I had to PAY for it though! Its the best place that I've ever been. JEALOUS! I wanna go back...
And, I'm so happy to hear that you will do invitro soon. I wish you guys the best and hope it works out just as you plan. Lets hope that one thing in this process can go easy for you.

bailey michael said...

I am so sad I missed all of this but OH so glad/happy/ecstatic for you. Love your hair. We definitely need a girls night for sure.

Heather B said...

OH MY GOSH BRIT!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE ALL THESE AMAZING THINGS! I am sooo happy for you. We will be fasting and praying for you.

*egberts* said...

YAY!!!! I'm so happy for you! Wow, your good news came pouring down one after another. Disneyland, Baby, and Hawaii. How neat! You are one blessed girl. I'll keep you in my prayers :)

Judie Hall said...

I am such a wuss - I seriously cried hearing how Jonny surprised you in front of all those people! And the card! Oh my gosh I can not even explain how I feel, but you and your hubby are amazing and both the luckiest people in the world to have each other and to have this opportunity - I'm so happy for you! P.S. I saw only girl clothes in that package...good luck with that. :) Just kidding.

Judie Hall said...

P.S. can I get invited to that other blog you were talking about. I'm so hooked into this in vitro story. It's more exciting than my favorite british soap opera... (I know, I'm a loser.) :)

Leigh said...

Just cried because I am SOOOOOO happy for you! It is your turn! This makes me so happy, Brit!

Jacob and Sara said...

Sister...words can't express my excitement for you. No joke I cried and cried after you told me on the phone cause there is no one on this world who deserves this more than you. & you have patiently waited for so long for this, I KNOW in my heart that this is it for you, its going to to happen. I just can't wait for the moment when you find out that it better call me FIRST!! haha and I'm very serious about that. I love you sis...I pray for you in every single prayer, even dinner prayers haha. no joke. I can't wait for my neice/nephew or BOTH!!!

Suni said...

Soooo happy for you, I will keep you in my prayers!!

Jenn said...

MY LOVE!!! So excited for you!!! I had to post even though I dont blog anymore I LOVE YOU SO MUCH so happy for you more than all the lands and all the pandas in all the happy rainbows of my heart. :) Love you forever and this epic journey of wonderment and delight that I know you are about to embark on. I am so grateful to have you in my life and love you tons. YOUR bestie the Jenn Jenn.

west coast girl said...

still so happy for you! i would love an invite to the other blog! i want to know everything!! good luck!