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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Life Recently

Yes. Life has gone on despite the fact I eat, drink, sleep, and constantly think about fertility treatments. I have been still working a lot and trying to have fun on the weekends to keep my mind off things. A few weeks ago we drove out SUPER far to my sister in laws new BEAUTIFUL massive home and went to their little swim park their with the fam and had so much fun spending time with my adorable nieces and nephews- am in LOVE with this girl :)

Had a fun girls night out with my lady pals Raina and Tessa at Oreganos (SO glad I got to hang with you gals that night- so needed!) That pazookie was AMAZING!

Yesterday we went to Sunsplash with a group of about 100 other people in Jonny's company Life Vantage- so here are a few pics of the day! :)

Here are Jonny and Randy after riding the massive white slide- I was too chicken- and in pain. (dang ovaries)

Not gonna lie- This slide behind me was SO FUN! 4 of us rode that thing together like 3 times in a row- haha!

The Life Vantage Family that we could round up- I took the picture and a few of us are missing- but here are the one's we could round up.

Sara and Dorian

Kara and Randy

Oh and before Jonny and I got to Sunsplash we made a quick stop to Costa Vida for lunch and found these awesome Back to the Future Cars- who knew there were so many back to the future nerds!

The Sunset on the drive home from Sunsplash. I know it's not the greatest shot but I have seriously been LOVING this weather these past few days- :)

We ended the night with Freddy's hamburgers and shakes (OH MY GOSH THEY ARE TO DIE FOR) I had NO idea! And went to the movie Contagion for Jonny's sisters Birthday. Just a little recap of what we have been up to as of late. LESS than 2 Weeks till Hawaii people-getting excited!!! :)


Ali and Sergio said...

love all your fun outings!!! I love love love that you love that little girl ;) she loves you too! You are so cute Brit and I love everything about you. Can't wait for you guys to have cute little babies!!!!!!! LOVE YOU!

Judie Hall said...

Your fun life is inspirational to me. Someday I'll venture out of my haven of craziness and try some of the exciting things you do. :) Just think, soon you'll be able to enjoy the ONLY exciting thing I've ever taken part in - babies! Trust me, you won't regret the time you've had to live life, even if it was involuntary.