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This Years Challenge

                  This Years Goals (28 things to do while I am 28!)

1. Read the Book of Mormon 
2. Go to One new Temple
3. Get all my rooms done and decorated in the house
4. Print out my blog books!
5. Take the Praxis Test finally
6. Take a photography Class
7. Learn to Run 5 k
8. Sew something for the baby
9. Get a hot bod back
10. Cook 5 brand new recipes
11. Read all the Hunger Games books
12. Go Camping with good friends 
13. Work on food storage
14. Go to London
15. Learn How to Grill something (turn the grill on and off)- It really scares me-
16. Actually make something off my pinterest list- heck let’s make it at least THREE things off pinterest- feeling crafty
17. Go shooting
18. Learn to play a song on the piano- any song will do since I have never played before
19. Take a dance class
20. Work on starting Personal Progress (long story)
21. Finish my 40 Hours volunteering at the children’s hospital
22. Go to the Grand Canyon (NEVER been!)
23. Plan a Hike here in AZ
24. Make Strawberry Jam 
25. Read or Listen to all the conference talks
26. Get baby’s nursery looking fabulous
27. Throw Jenn a fabulous baby shower- because she will be pregnant by then- I just know it!!! :)
28. Make at least 12 new recipe's!