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Monday, July 25, 2011

No Heat Curls- and Lexi

Okay- please ignore my awesome picture going on and only pay attention to the hair- I am trying out all these "NO HEAT" curl tutorials on youtube and pinterest lately- I will probably have to tweak this one a bit- it turned out to be the most humid day EVER in Arizona it felt like- so my hair is now in a ponytail- half way through the day- those who know me well know my hair doesn't stay down long anyways- Oh and PLEASE ignore the awesome roots going on and split ends- I am getting my hair done tonight thank goodness- and am thinken I am going for some bangs- not sure I can rock em or not- but SO need some change! Growing your hair out get's so boring!!!! But for reals- I let my hair air dry last night- spent five minuites following the tutorial and woke up with some beachy curls. Not bad in 5 min! PLUS when I scrunch my hair it feels all crunchy- where these tutorials keep your hair nice and soft.:) Try it out!

I am thinking about trying to rock some bangs like this.... this is brave for me :)

AND- Just because I think she's cute:

Lexi with my pet Panda on my bed (Thanks Jenn for my pillow pet!)
- You can't totally tell here- but I looked over and she was sleeping on the pillow with the blankets on her- like a human.

On the very center of my bed- she always finds the softest spots to sleep!:) Happy Monday!!

1 comment:

west coast girl said...

so cute! now you make me wish my hair was long again - maybe i'll try it anyways. ;) cute cute doggy too!