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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Because I'm a freak like that:

I am probably one of the BIGGEST Harry Potter fans out there- it didn't start out this way though. When the first and second movies came out I was a non believer- I made fun of my little sisters for being so obsessed with a stupid kid movie. Kelly one night FORCED me to sit down and watch it luckily. She promised I would love it- and I did. Ever since then I have been at every midnight showing- usually dressed up and waiting in line for hours with all the crazed fans- and I love it! I don't know if my life will feel complete now that it's all over! My dream vacation that my husband will take me on one of these days: Harry Potter Land in Florida! How amazing would that be?! I am obsessed with this last movie- of course went to the midnight showing dressed up- but have now officially seen it TWICE! Can I just say that I think my husband is pretty amazing? He knows EXACTLY what to do when I am having a bad day. Yesterday I had a rough day- so my hubby asked if he could meet up with me by my work to take me out to lunch. Lunch turned into buying me lots of new fabulous clothes- and ending with going to the I MAX theater in 3D to see Harry Potter the second time. Did I mention he knows me OH SO WELL? It made it all better.:) And the IMAX was worth EVERY penny!!! Go see it there if you haven't! INCREDIBLE!!!! Ya know what else is incredible?? My bestie GOT ENGAGED last week!!!!!! Now onto planning Bachlorette party number 2- not sure how to make it as epic as the last one though.:)

A few of the things my hubby spoiled me with- these AWESOME knock off TOMS from Tilly's- some new clothes for our trip to Disney Land next week-and this new syionic strength band- have you heard of it?? It's a performance enhanced band with frequencies to equalize and optimize your body's natural energy field, with the result of enhancing your physical well-being and performance potential. It gives increased strength and stamina, heightened balance, improved flexibility and motion, diminished tension and stress (HECK YA!) and reduced motion sickness and jetlag. It promises A LOT for $25- haha! BUT I did this awesome test at the mall on balance and it totally worked- SOLD! (I'm such a guppy for a nice salesman) haha! I am trying to get in a good running routine- so hopefully this helps!

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