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Thursday, February 28, 2013


Jonny has to travel a lot for business and tries to take me along with when he can to keep him company. He had a trip to California this time and on the way up we both though about going to a theme park while we were there. We both LOVE Disney Land and got SO SO excited thinking about the idea of taking Deklan with us so we bought YEAR tickets to Disney Land!!!! We figured we travel there enough we might as well have fun in the process :) The best part was not feeling super rushed trying to get everything from both parks in super fast since we knew we would be coming back soon. Having Deklan there made the experience a whole new one for us. It was like experiencing it for the first time all over again! We both know he won't remember it, but WE will! We were like kids all over again going on the silly rides and visiting Mickey's house and wanting pictures with all the characters ..stuff you don't really care as much about going with just the adults. We loved it!!!

 Crappy part of the trip...Deklan got sick...womp womp womp. :( He had the worst runny nose ever, slight cough, and was asleep a lot of the time at the park. I felt bad keeping him there when it was chilly so we decided to leave a day early. BUT...we are going back in a few weeks- why not right?!! So we weren't too disappointed. All in all it was a super fun trip and Deklan LOVED everything when he was alert and awake. Funniest part of the trip...we waited in line for like an hour to see Mickey Mouse at his house. Deklan was awake and happy- then SUPER grumpy like half way through (not like him) then fell asleep ONE minute before seeing Mickey. He was OUT! You could have slapt the boy and he wouldn't have woken. Poor thing. The pics..

Club 33. The nutty people who wait on a 15 yr waiting list and pay like 15 grand a year or something crazy like that to go in this secret place in Disneyland...Jonny wants to go. HA! Crazy talk.

 Deklan LOVED the parades- (despite what people told me)  especially Mickey Mouse since he watches Mickey Mouse club a lot recently.


 Here is when we were making our round in Mickey Mouse's home...Looking back at these pictures I'm mad at myself for letting him touch EVERYTHING. No wonder he got super sick. Learned my lesson for next time. Smother him in sanatizer after everything.
 Like what I told you- literally could NOT wake this boy for Mickey. Pretty comical after an hour wait in line for a picture...ah wells.

 Ha! Another funny story about this trip- I forgot pants....ya had NOTHING but the yoga pants I wore on the way up. Had to buy a pair at target there that looked AWFUL. Again  not the most planned trip. Can't complain at Disneyland though right? haha!! I looked pretty awful. (Both Deklan and I got sick)

 Deklan slept luckily a whole lot

As you can see Deklan was bundled from head to toe. He really was the cutest mouse in the park. We spoiled him rotten before he is old enough to ask for anything. That's bad....not sure how I will say no to his sweet face!!!!

Deklan went to urgent care today. Long story short is that he is doing much better tonight. Finally keeping some fluids down. Hopefully he gets better fast- we are supposed to go back to Disney land next week- although I may keep him in a bubble next time. I am going to try to post a list of things to help parents going to Disney land...We learned LOTS of uselful tips while we were there. :) If you are interested let me know and I will take some time to write them down. 


Maria said...

sending love and prayers to deklan!!
disneyland looks like so much fun and your photos are incredible! so cute that deklan slept through meeting mickey!
i hope your sweet boy is feeling better soon and you're able to go back next week!

Ali and Sergio said...

cutest pics brit, oh my gosh!!! It sounds like you guys had fun, but sad he got sick, poor baby!! :( I can't wait to go to disneyland with you guys now that you have a little one, fun fun fun for the future family dl trips!!! :) Love you guys and give that Deklan a big hug and kiss from me!