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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Family Fast

Thank you SOOOOO much for all your loving support! I must say you guys helped A LOT! I am realizing more and more as much as I WANT to buy all new stuff for this future baby of mine- it's not really necessary. I really do want to get one of those video monitors though-if I am spending this much effort to have this baby including but not limited to:

-months and months of Drugs
-Artificial Insemination (which failed 3 times)
-Thousands of dollars spent
-holding a magic rock (that should supposedly get me pregnant)
-Standing on my head after sex- yep I did it
-Billions of pregnancy test
-being poked and prauded
-literally going to ultrasounds like every week for a while
-Lots of tears
-Lots of Prayers
-Giving myself shots in the butt (OUCH)
-WAY too many people looking at my "Who Ha" (whatever you would like to call it is fine:)
-Keeping a "fertility doll" from Africa under my pillow at night (You name it, I've tried it)
-And SO much more!
If I am going to work THIS hard for this baby- I am going to make sure to do this thing the right way with the right stuff!

I am not looking forward to all the emotional stuff to come in trying this ALL over again, but am grateful for good friends and family to help me through all of this. We will be doing a family fast from Saturday (This weekend) 6 pm to Sunday for us to know what direction to head in getting a new addition to the family. As well that whatever we decide that it actually WORKS! It may be a few months away but we really want to be prepared this time and make sure we are going the direction that the lord wants us to go. Whoever would like to join in on this fast or even just pray for us is definitley welcome and appreciated!:) I love all of your advice though and will use ALL of it!


James said...

I will for sure be fasting for you guys!! You are going to be an amazing mom!

James and Jackie Stone said...

That was weird, my comment posted with James' account. Well I'm sure he will want to fast for you guys too! haha! We love you guys!


karis stapley said...

That is awesome! I think no matter what happens, the Lord will bless you for showing such willingness to him to do whatever it takes to bring a precious spirit of his into your home. :)

Cori said...

well be fasting for you doll! call if you need anything!! lvoe you!

Calli O. said...

Hey! I saw you commented on my blog. I do Monday night classes at Mesa High. 8pm $5 at the door and you will love it :) See you there. Search Manic Monday on facebook for more info :)

April and Mark said...

Hey! I just saw your comment on my blog and came to yours. I missed your group fast, but I'll definitely pray for you!