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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

8 Years of Marriage

This is the only picture I could find at work of our wedding :)

Yesterday was Jonny and my 8 Year Anniversary! It's so crazy to me that we have been married SO long! hahaha! Makes me feel old. :) We decided to just go on a nice date this weekend since we have our big trip planned in just a few weeks. I found an idea on pinterest (my fav!) of an anniversary idea. You get 8 balloons (One for each year of marriage) and attached to each of them you can write a memory or a love note. SO I decided to try didn't turn out probably as cute as the one on pinterest but Jonny LOVED it. I think my husband might be a sensitive soul because he loves acts of kindness and thoughtful gifts more than anything else. I set this up in our spare bedroom since he was in my bedroom most of that night. That big sign is a GINORMOUS cheesy Love card I found at the gas station. Gotta love your anniversary being 2 weeks prior to Valentines Day. Makes it easy peesy to find lovey dovey stuff! :) That day he surprised me at work with these beauties and took me out to lunch.

Jonny and I have had our ups and downs- there is no question about that. We are COMPLETE opposites in personality I would say. He is passionate, loud, and a little crazy. :) But I love him! We have SO much fun together and honestly LOVE spending time together. This man is my life and my family. He will ALWAYS be my number one. We share the same hopes and dreams and goals for the future. I am grateful every day for the choice we made to build a family together. THANK you to my good ole friend Cori who somewhat introduced us!

LOVE YOU Jonny!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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Megan said...

Happy Anniversary!!! :)