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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Las Vegas 2012

Randy and Kara :)
Some of our spanish group!
Jonny and Jeremy up on stage giving their presentation
Donny Osmand telling us his amazing story on the product!
Jonny forcing me to talk on stage during recognition (I was so embarrassed- and shaking the whole time- haha!)
Getting to hear Dr. McCord
We are SO SO Proud of our group ranking up each month!
Some of our amazing group in San Juan Puerto Rico we will be visiting in 2 weeks!
My studly husband
This is literally only HALF of the people at the Elite Academy! Such an amazing group of people!
Us before the Elite Dinner
We got to spend an amazing week in Vegas this past week for the Elite Academy (Jonny's Life Vantage Business Convention) We had tons of fun with some of our best friends (Randy and Kara) and stayed at the MGM Grand signature suites which was BEAUTIFUL! It had it's own kitchen, living room, bedroom, and two bathrooms! Jonny got to speak in front of about 3800 people- he did such a good job and I couldn't be more proud! I could NEVER do that- he didn't even look nervous! He spoke for about a half hour an overcoming obstacles. I wish I could share the whole video because he honestly did SO good! Him and his business partner have worked SO hard but have helped lots of families to retire which is our long term goal! I couldn't be happier with where this company is taking us and the opportunities we have had because of it. We have met amazing people, have the BEST product, and have learned so much in the past 2 years! As far as partying in Vegas...we tried...I failed. Being pregnant I pooped out almost every night at midnight! It was worth a try though :) We still had a blast!


Rob and Becca Bingham said...

It was a fun adventure. Your hubs did great presenting. Rob said that he thought they did the best.

Kara said...

Love the pics! Ahhh that was SUCH a good time. You might have pooped out every night but we still had fun in the room! talking to you in my sleep for example?? lol! *still embarrassed*