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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Old Town San Juan

This day deserved a whole post on it's own because it was seriously SO beautiful! I have been here before and loved it so we just had to go back. Plus if you watch the Bachelor they went here for one of their amazing dates a few weeks before I left so it got me excited to see it again! :) I was a little bummed we never got the chance to go to the rain forest again this trip- but seriously the whole place is a big rainforest- it's SO green there! Something I'm not used to at all. So without further adue- One BILLION pictures of Old town San Juan...:)

Jonny in the dungeon

The most amazing shaved ice of ALL time.

The next post will be all about the cruise. We only "planned" a week trip to Puerto Rico. BUUUUT- looking at all the cruises coming in and out right outside our hotel room made us a little cruise envious. We were talking to some people in the Jacuzzi and next thing ya know we though "Hey let's go on a cruise! " so we called in and long story short- we booked the VERY last room on the cruise- the DAY before we left we had to go buy a few things we would need since we didn't plan on the trip. I literally emailed my boss- I was DEATHLY afraid I was coming home to no job. Luckily my boss didn't mind at all. :) We have never really been the spontaneous type- however we knew that we couldn't probably do this type of a last minute trip ever again with a little baby on the way. It was crazy!!! But OH SO FUN! And we felt a little naughty for doing something we weren't supposed to...that was even more fun. :) I am grateful for Jonny's business to allow us the opportunities to just go on a cruise on a whim! It took a little bit of finagling (ex: switching plane flights out and FINDING a cruise available the day before leaving) but totally worth it! We did our first balcony room and loved it! And- it was SUPER CHEAP! :) Those pictures are soon to come.

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Aubrey said...

LOVE YOUR BELLY picture!! you are soo cute! Looks like a ton of fun and so glad you guys had a good time!! can't wait to hear about the cruise!