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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Lazy Cruise Days

I am a cruise lover. That's all there is to it. I love the non stop eating, sleeping, relaxing, and waking up in a new place every day. Being pregnant I loved it even MORE than normal- I ate ALL.THE.TIME. This cruise was MUCH more layed back than normal. We didn't go to every event like usual (the ice skating show, comedy shows, any and all entertainment) We didn't dress up- mainly because we had NO clothes...because this was an unplanned event- and I was SUPER lazy the whole week! It was perfect. I have to admit- SO needed. I loved being lazy! We enjoyed every moment of sleeping in late, not rushing from one event to the next, watching a whole season of vampire diaries (which is amazing by the way), and daily naps. :) Here are some pictures of the lazy days on the ship.

Dipping into the Jacuzzi (with caution of course.:) Jonny would only let me dip in for a moment and than just legs in. GOSH I miss Jacuzzi's.

I wore that big shirt the first day to sneak onto the cruise. I found out that you aren't supposed to cruise past 24 weeks pregnant without a Dr.'s note- I was 25 weeks at the time almost I hid my belly the first day and prayed the baby was going to be safe for a week.
Jonny napping- we did lots of this. :)
Our first Balcony room! :)
Wearing my moomoo dress for my "fancy" dinner night. hahaha! I didn't look very dressed up so I went and got my makeup done. The lady who did my makeup made my makeup REALLY dark- so I had a fancy face and a not so fancy dress...haha! I looked a little trashy but I did the best I could so Jonny could get his Lobster that night.
Did I mention he likes lobster?
So did the rest of the table.
Sunset picture from our balcony
We also ate at the returaunt "Portofino" which was DIVINE
We had THE BEST dinner table we have ever sat with! Some of the funnest couples! One of which was chosen as the "newly wed couple" for the "Love and Marriage" show- ALWAYS hilarious! Our table was unforgettable and we may just need to cruise with them again- maybe when I'm not pregnant and lazy!
This couple on the cruise was famous. They have paid to be ON THE SAME cruise for 6 months straight now...crazy!
We had LOTS of amazing cute drinks!
My FAVORITE place to eat- because you get a tad bit bored of the same things was Johnny Rockets
I always love the exciting dancing and delicious shakes!
Of course fun towels made into monkeys
And since we got the LAST room on the whole cruise- it was PACKED. Next I'm posting our days on the islands! Sorry about all the posts guys- this is for my book! :)


Tisha and Mark said...

I love that you snuck on the cruise! That is awesome! You look great...can't believe it is less than 100 days!

Rob and Becca Bingham said...

What fun! Some day I want to cruise and mainly for all the food!

Cromwell Family said...

You know that you can go into a hot tub as long as its under 100 or 90 degrees right? Glad to see that you had fun and made it home safe!

Heather Bigler said...

You look so radiant. Lazy days are my fave. Enjoy as many as you can, soon they will be no more!!

Ashley Madsen said...

How fun. One day I am going to go on a cruise.

Aubrey said...

oh my, I was doing the same with every hot tub around...I miss it way to much. just relaxing the feet are good though. You are looking great!! I'm glad you got to sneak on just fine and everything went well!!! so fun! Cruises are the best!

Kara said...

Brittany that is SOO freakin awesome that you guys snagged that cruise on your way back. *jealous*, of course. lol. love the pics!! A lazy week on a cruise sounds absolutely wonderful. Im so glad you got to go a relax. SO NICE!!! Cant wait to see you tonight! :)