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Friday, March 2, 2012

St Thomas!

Our favorite island as always is St. Thomas!(The first stop on the cruise) Seriously SO green and the water looks like a clear pool! Every cruise we have gone on we usually take a small boat to St. Johns and hang out on a beach there. We wanted to find something somewhat different this time since we spent a whole week there not too long ago. We had a taxi take us to a beach we had never been (SO beautiful!!!) We rented an umbrella and chairs and got ourselves a front row seat on the beach. The people there gave us "dog biscuits" to feed to the fish- apparently the fish LOVED them! hahaha! We snorkeled, did lots of swimming, and layed around in lawn chairs for the day with some friends we met- couldn't have been a better day!

Seriously LOOK at that water?!!!! I want to live there!
Underwater belly shot at 25.5 weeks :)
Sunset from our balcony that night :)

Don't worry- only three more posts to go...whew! Must say- not sure I would do all this posting without work- gotta love 11 hour days at good ole UOP. :)

And for your viewing pleasure: fish eating dog biscuits :)

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the Harris Family said...

Hey Brittany! How cute you look pregnant. I'm here blog-hopping off Brittney Basaraba's blog. So glad to see you guys are doing well and having so much fun before the little one comes!