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Friday, March 2, 2012

ST. Kitts/ Kristin Bell Moment

Our next stop was an island we had never been to before- St. Kitts! Our goal for the day was to shop for a watch- Jonny usually buys a new watch every cruise. I think it's ridiculous but you can get them MUCH cheaper in the Caribbean plus they are duty free! He is a watch freak so I agreed. :)

As soon as we got off the boat there were all these guys with monkeys trying to throw their monkeys on you (literally) to make some money for taking pictures with them. I am OBSESSED with all things animal- especially fluffy little animals that are dressed in diapers and clothing. I immediately grabbed the monkey and was in pure heaven. I was on cloud nine all day and all I could talk about was wanting to go hold the monkeys again.

This reminded me of Kristin Bell on the Ellen show a little while back who had a complete melt down over a sloth- I added the video below just because it makes me laugh every time...I love her and I LOVE the Ellen show. I am actually trying right now to get tickets to her baby shower show she has each year- I will be 4 weeks away from my due date and would LOVE IT!

Here are the pictures of my exciting moments with the monkeys- in the first picture you can actually see that the monkey BIT me. I didn't even notice I was so excited! haha!

We ended up BOTH buying watches...matching ones...haha! Gosh darn those salesman- always talk you into buying more!
Mine has diamonds in it- but Jonny couldn't say much after I tried on a 4 carat ring for kicks and giggles...
SERIOUSLY- that ring is MASSIVE! haha!
And some pics of the island... :)
You really have to watch this- so funny!

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Kara said...

Awww! I love the little monkeys, how fun!! And WOW that ring is amaaaazing. Looks like you had the most amazing trip, so awesome!!