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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Big Island

We went to Hawaii for 11 days and just got back! The trip was so fun! More chill than our regular trips which was so needed.

The Big Island was only for three days and mainly for Jonny to get meetings done with his group there. We got lucky to find a resort there right on the beach for pretty cheap for me and Deklan to hang out at. It wasn't the greatest but had REALLY nice grounds that had more than enough for me and D to do for a few days :)

Did I mention D FINALLY started walking by himself in Hawaii. Not sure if it was the amazing atmosphere or what but he was SO GOOD on this trip!! It was AWESOME!
He LOVED the big pools and was so excited to try out his new swimming skills but most strangers were way freaked out by me letting go of my one year old in the pool- I got some looks and had to explain I wasn't letting him drown I promise. I decided maybe public pools aren't the best place to just let him swim. Oh well, we did what we could.

The surroundings weren't bad either. Although because majority of this island is valcano- there was no beach access which kinda sucks. Black rock is cool and everything- but I choose white sandy beaches- which is why Kauai is MY FAVORITE!!! It was SO SO beautiful in some areas- I now know I DO want to go back to explore the island more!
Deklan is obsessed with animals so he loved chasing the birds- haha

We of course spent time in the hammock.
How can you not love tiny baby feet laying next to you while relaxing? :)

We LOVED the sandy beach entrance to the pool! Perfect depth for Deklan to play in.

And his FIRST splash pad experience- he LOVED it!

He was POOPED by the end of each day and would fall asleep next to me in bed
When I took the picture the flash woke him up- oops- I love his "what the heck is going on ?"face- haha
The very first day on the island was somewhat exciting- they were supposed to be having the biggest storm since 1992 (hurricane Flossie) Well it ended up to be a flop and nothing really happened but a fake tsunami warning bell scaring some of us- but it made for some really pretty fog and rain the first day :)

The last day Jonny got to spend with us. We went to the seahorse farm and got to HOLD a seahorse- that was pretty cool :)

We also went and saw the lava tubes- we went ALL the way to the other side of the island to see the volcano- but we ended up almost being late to our flight and not making it- so that plan failed- we just headed out to the next island :) The Big Island was fun but I still think Maui and Kauai are the best!

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