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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Denver Colorado Pikes Peak Trip

I am officially failing at keeping up with this blog. I am also failing at turning this last ten years of a blog into a novel of book as well...ARG.

 Putting that aside I am going to do my best to recap on a few of our most recent trips. Denver Colorado was rocky to start out with to say the least BUT it ended up being one of our most memorable trips yet. I say rocky because we decided to drive our jeep up to Denver which was a 14 hour plus drive from hell. We decided to put the carseat facing forward for this drive so Deklan could watch his movies on our front DVD player in the dash. What we realized from the peaceful drive home is that D does better facing backwards where he can't see mom and dad. The drive up he cried what felt like the whole time...even stopping every few hours. The way back he slept almost the ENTIRE time. We learned our lesson. Well that and I think we have learned that traveling with a baby is UNPREDICTABLE. He might be an angel one trip and not the next. There is no way really around that. The drive up felt like it was never going to ed...and put Jonny and I both on edge and then irritated at each other. Never the best start to a trip.

We arrived FINALLY at our hotel across the street from the event and I'd like to stay all was dandy, but Deklan was still not loving life so much. Unfortunately MOST of the event I was at the hotel watching Deklan and Jonny was across the street at his convention. Jonny felt bad so he surprised me with a relaxing message at the hotel and watched Deklan for me that morning. The parts of the event I DID see were amazing! It was SO cool to see all 60 jeeps in ONE place! Every person who earned their jeep got to finally drive it away! The cool thing about a jeep is it has a BILLION options to make them different and unique.

You can see the naughty look in his face here right??!! Okay I have had a lot of people asking recently what the heck it is my husband does. So for those of you interested you can check out our product at this site :)

and here is recap of the event we went to:

These are our AWESOME group from Hawaii...these girls are ROCKSTARS no joke! We got to go visit them in Hawaii last week and we had a blast finally getting to know them :)

At the end of the event all the jeeps and some others as well decided to do a trip up to Pikes Peak! You can drive up to the top of the Pikes Peak (elevation is 14,000 feet high!!) A few people got pretty dizzy from the lack of oxygen that high. It was a beautiful drive though.
 One of my favorite moments was getting to pet our friends Lemur. Cutest little thing ever!! Deklan was talking to him the whole time...haha

 He is a true animal lover like his momma...

Our stow aways for the drive up...a sleepy baby on one of Jeremy's girls :) She was SO good with Deklan making the drive easy.

 Having 60 jeeps made the traveling a lot more fun :)

You can see here the windy drive up to the top of the summit.

A happy boy eating his apples :)

When we got to the top we had their famous donuts and hot chocolate. The donuts are only yummy if you eat them there. They are made at a high altitude making them EXTRA yummy!! Apparently if you bring them down the mountain the dough deflates.
Unfortunatley I couldn't capture a picture of it but when we first got there it was SNOWING!!! The flurries were so light and pretty!! It was beautiful up there!!!

 Weird thing was it didn't really feel cold. BUT you can tell the oxygen is low. I definitely got dizzy getting out of the car.

Some of our amazing friends

 We made it to the top!!!

More to come on the most exciting part of the trip. The drive home :)

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Tisha and Mark said...

Love the "Hello" sweatshirt :) That's awesome. I am convinced we need to change lives so I can travel a bit more :)