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Friday, June 21, 2013

Utah/ Vegas

I am not the best at keeping updated on this thing anymore, but I am going to try! As soon as baby #2 rolls around I have a feeling a lot of the trips will come to an end so we are trying to enjoy it while we can. (No I'm not pregnant)  Jonny HAS to travel A LOT for business so I come along with and we try to make them fun...why not right? This one we went flew up to Salt Lake for my awesome cousin who got married. She is probably the coolest person I know. No joke..she freakin did a base jump with her new husband ON her wedding day. She has been in Thailand the past month for their honeymoon. I'm somewhat jealous of her exciting crazy life! :) SO happy for you pretty girl!!!!!

Her reception was a dream. Such a beautiful day and it was so fun to be a part of it!

The cousins :):)

She got married in the Provo temple but we also went to visit the Salt Lake temple. SO pretty! Deklan loved it :)

We took a little road trip to pick up our new jeep!!! Jonny was SOOOO excited for this part :)

So we drove straight into LasVegas for a few business meetings Jonny had.

We decided to go see David Copperfield since I had never been. It was UNREAL. I LOVED it. First magic show. I was front row and have NO CLUE how he did most of it. Except the last trick.:) He dissappeared 13 of us up on stage as his final trick. Jonny and I were one of the 13 so we got to see how it was done....mostly. Still confused to be honest. He's good at keeping things secret. Hahaha. At the end David Copperfield signed pictures for us and gave us a lecture about not spilling his secrets. Here is the trick on you tube if you would like to see it :):)We had some amazing friends who took Deklan over night so we could have an amazing date night on the strip :)

Just because...:):)

No but really. We usually just use priceline and TRY to find a decent hotel on the strip for a good price. We booked the Aria, a 5 star resort for $70 a night. Not bad. However when we got to the front the lady told us she only had smoking rooms left. I showed her Deklan who smiled at her real big, and she said....hold on. She did her magic and got us their MASSIVE two bedroom, two bathroom, corner suite for the same rate. I guess it was her first day off maternity leave and she missed her baby boy...and Deklan's smile melted her a bit. haha! Thanks D! WE SCORED!

I didn't take the best pictures but the room had 360 degree views of the strip...including from the bathroom. The WHOLE dang thing was windows! It was amazing! Heck the toilet seat was heated and was a baday....haha! Pretty fancy for the three nights we stayed. It was worth bringing a one year old to Vegas for sure...haha!!

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Tessa Camille said...

LUCKY DAY!! haha geez that doesn't surprise me one bit that he melted her, he is so dreamy!!! That is the coolest room ever! Too funny that you kinda got to see the magic trick and it's still a mystery, sounds like an awesome show! You guys are the cutest parents and i love your adventures!