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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Turkey Day! Yum!

I am WAY behind on posting but had to at least add some pictures of Thanksgiving. This year was our first year hosting. It was a lot more chaotic than I imagined since there was a lot more cooking involved, but also MUCH more rewarding since we spent so much time to prepare it. We made the turkey, stuffing, gravy, and a pie. A lot of the other food was also prepared in my kitchen. I literally JUST got my kitchen completely clean- it only took two weeks! Gross I know, but we have been super busy. The floors were the last thing to get done....they were bad. We had a blast though! The kids played ping pong and basketball in our backyard. We got to show our families our new home just around the corner. In case you haven't heard we are moving in just a few weeks! I will have to post some pictures of the new place, we have LOTS of projects to do on it but that excites me! Here are the pics of Thanksgiving :)

We decided to marinate the turkey in a liquid smoke overnight- OH.MY GOODNESS it was YUMMY!!!! We were so proud! ya that turkey is 23 pounds....GINORMOUS! Beautiful though huh? 

 Thanksgiving Program with the kids. :)

 My VERY first time making a pie. Leigh thank you for the recipe- it was gone in .2 seconds! Delish and SO easy!!! It had a pretzel crust and kind of cream cheese base that tasted like cheesecake- it was good!

 Deklan nomming down on some mashed potatoes- we are LOVING feeding him normal food these days. SO funny to see how he reacts. He loved the green jello the most.

 Cousins :)
 Hanging out with mommy

 SO PROUD of our first turkey! P.S if you are ever in charge of stuffing add a package of jimmy deans sausage in it- I literally ate stuffing for lunch it was so good!
Thanksgiving was so fun! And more than ever we felt SO grateful this year! We have been incredibly blessed. We have such amazing friends and family, we are blessed to ave the gospel in our lives, we are SO excited to move into our new home, and of course to have our amazing baby boy! Life is good.

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