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Monday, November 12, 2012

Florida Gator Excursion

Seriously this boy was so cute the whole trip! One of my favorite days oddly enough was the last (sorry these days are a little out of order) The day we got off the ship we booked ONE more excursion in Florida to go on the air boat tours and hold an alligator! It was actually kind of cold in Florida compared to how warm it was everywhere else. The tours took us straight to the airport so it really was our last little tour before the end of the trip! Deklan was napping for the first half of the airboats, but he got pretty excited seeing the alligators.

The scary alligators in the water right next to the boat! They could have eaten Deklan for a snack!
My favorite boys!

Deklan didn't look too interested in being friendly with the alligator...maybe next time :) Best part of this day was seeing someone do a random act of kindness in action. We were the receiver this time though! When we got to the gator show we realized we didn't bring any cash with us- the photos were $5 and I was SO bummed because they didn't have a place to get cash back anywhere. This lady overheard me- gave Jonny a $10 bill and said just pay it forward. :) Made my day!!!! And now I have these awesome gator photos. I tried to buy her lunch since we obviously had a debit card but she wouldn't have it. Thank you lady for your random act of kindness!

The crazy dude in the alligator pit. Honestly how do you get into this business?
I was pretending to kiss the gator till the guy grabbed the baby gator and turned him around for a REAL kiss.

More of this boy- just because...he's cute.

 More of the tour-

And a quick video of Deklan on the air boat seeing his FIRST gator! Those boats are FAST when they get going! Perfect way to end the trip! Last I will post the pictures from the boat- whew- almost done. P.S. Can someone please tell me the BEST site to turn their blog into a book. I need to start doing this soon! I never print out pictures, or scrapbook anymore- so it's about that time. :)


Rob and Becca Bingham said...

How awesome to recieve the RAOK after having given so much. Looks like fun. Love the ERGO they are so great!

Tisha and Mark said...

Love me some gators! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE that little boy! He is going to be an experienced traveler and I love to see how your life has just magnified with him in it :)