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Monday, November 12, 2012

St Thomas- always one of our favorite stops

We got a big group of people from life vantage and took them to our favorite beach on st. Johns (Trunk Bay) It's named one of the top ten beaches in the world so you can see why we love it! It's the BEST place for snorkeling because it has the only underwater trail you can follow and see what kind of coral and fish you are running into. It's also clear as a pool and SO beautiful!

Deklan and I spent all day relaxing on the beach and I wouldn't have had it any other way. This was by far my favorite getting to experience this with him. He LOVED it! He met a girlfriend (3 months old) to hang out with too.
He is honestly my best bud.

Mindy and Jer in their snorkeling gear
This is what the underwater trail looks like- you follow these plaques under water.
Really though- look at that water?!!!!

The only family picture we got that day- haha good job Jer!!
We both fell asleep for a good half hour- ignore- my fat belly and focus on the amazing sleeping baby. We snuggled all day!

Mindy snuggling him on the way back to the boat
my view for the day...not bad
Baby Belly full of sand!

A few of our friends!

And a quick few videos :)


Cromwell Family said...

Cool pics. Looks like your little man had fun as well.

Heather B said...

SOOO fun!!! I love Trunk Bay so much! That pic of you and Deklan napping is the CUTEST! Glad he was so good for you! He's just so darn cute.

Ali and Sergio said...

all of your posts and pics are so awesome brit!!! I love how much fun it looks like you guys had!!! Awesome, can't wait for sometime in our future to try that one day!! :) That little Deklan is the sweetest little guy!