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Saturday, December 1, 2012

On Getting Old

My husband turned 32. Yes I think that's old. I'm 28 and I feel like that's old. We don't feel old though! It's so strange that I was in high school yesterday and today I am a stay at home mom with a baby! WHAT? How and when did that happen?! Really though time is FLYING by! I think this is the best stage in life yet so we are soaking in every moment. I am so grateful for this man. He is a hard worker. He LOVES spending time with Deklan and I. He is THE BEST DAD. He is a kid at heart. On top of being, smart, goofy, and fun, he is the hottest red head I know! WOOT! I never though in a million years I would fall in love with a redhead- but his spunk is what makes me love him even more! And now he gave me a mini him?? What else could a girl ask for? :) Happy Birthday Hubby!!!!!!

 These were taken at Red Lobster (His fav)
 Deklan borrowed this walker from his cousin Luke- he now LOVES it!!!
 Waking up to the best present of all- his son gave him a trophy that says #1 dad! Thought I would start out the cheesy gifts from kids early. :) He loved it.

 Just because he's cute :)

He has been grabbing things like crazy! Here dad is giving him a $2 bill- he wanted it

 I got up early and made him sausage mcmuffins, fruit, Orange juice, mini muffins, and of course cake and some of his other favorite goodies :) I decorated right outside of our edroom so he could wake up to a buffet- he loved it! Then I sent him golfing with his dad, let him pick out a toy at costco (a welding kit for his car he's building) and then dinner and a movie with his fam!

Hope you felt special for a day babe- I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! Even if you are OLD...:)


Ali and Sergio said...

Awe you are the best wifey brit!!! I am so glad my brother has you!!! But common your makin the rest of us look bad!! LOL ;) I love all the cute pics and it sounds like you helped give my brother an awesome birthday!!!! xoxoxox miss you guys!

Tisha and Mark said...

You are seriously the cutest. He is one lucky dude :)

Our Journey Through This Lovely Life said...

How cute!! I love it!