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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Oasis of the Seas

This post is LONG overdue. It's been sitting in my "drafts" for a month. Just been too lazy to organize it. Plus I am SUPER annoyed with my blog. I can't see any background on my page no matter what I add. So right now- you might be seeing a hot mess....sorry folks- have NO CLUE what is going on....grrrrr. 

So here is a very UN- organized grouping of photos from the last four days of the cruise- the ship days. 
 There was SO much to do on this ship if you WANTED to-
 or you could be like me and be lazy for some of it. :) There were constant shows and entertainment. The shows on this ship were awesome- way better than the other ships we have been on I would say. We went to the ice skating show (yep an ICE SKATING RINK on board) most of the water shows that included amazing divers and synchronized swimmers. We went to Hair Spray the Musical which was so fun, and ALWAYS our favorite of every cruise the Love and Marriage show. We joked that Deklan woke up in a strange place every few hours- he was amused though. :)

There was a ridiculous amount of things to keep kids busy. If you are looking for a kid friendly cruise- this one is it.The rooms were overlooking either the "boardwalk" or "central park" area of the ship.

The kiddy pool- pretty awesome.

Deklan spent one of the days and a few of the evenings at the kids Care. This made the cruise a lot more enjoyable. We still got to enjoy the shows and then come home to our baby to cuddle. So glad we brought him. 
We enjoyed being wined and dined for the week. Although you get pretty sick of cruise ship food by the end of the week. 
Two cute bald guys together :) David Brown with Deklan
We brought the bumbo on the ship which was the smartest choice we made. We used that thing ALL the time. We would even bring it to dinner with us- so helpful!

We did some shopping on this trip. This is my awesome fake Prada purse I got for $50- LOVE the tangerine color. Wish I would have bought more now because St Thomas had AMAZING ones!

The most awesome story of the trip...I was up on the top deck laying out with Deklan. Jonny was down in the shopping area looking for a watch. Deklan was getting fussy so I took him down to the room. My key wouldn't work- Deklan had a poop explosion in his diaper and on top of that his diaper was so full of water that the fluffy stuff was falling out EVERYWHERE. I had to go down to floor five on the other side of the ship with a diaper spilling EVERYWHERE the whole way- keep in mind it was poopy as should have seen the looks I got, find Jonny and make it back up to my floor. He was all smiles though- cracked me up. 

Ziplining on the ship!

The water show- AMAZING!!!!

This boy was SO HAPPY when we would pick him up from the sitters. They loved him too. They would document everything he did all night. Literally. I got a paper that would say 7 pm- stared at the other babies. 7:15 took a poop. 7 :30 watched Dora. Likes cuddles. hahahaha! I loved it.

I'm sure there are some pictures missing- but oh well- finally posting it. :)


Heather B said...

He's such a good baby! I'm dying over that cute bowtie outfit. His smile looks just just like Jonny's!!!

Megan said...

We went on this cruise for our honeymoon and loved it! Glad you all enjoyed it too. That picture of him in his hat next to the towel kid - SO CUTE!!!! :)