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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Atlantis in Nassau Bahamas

We are finally back at home as of last night! Spending one day at home made me realize how much I enjoy my own bed :) We had such a fun week and I have lots of pictures to post - but I thought I would start with the place I was MOST excited for. Nassau Bahamas- spending a day at Atlantis (a massive resort/ water park/ aquarium) made me realize I need to spend a week there SOON!!!!  It was just as everyone described it- Disney land for adults!! The slides were pretty darn fast- scared the crap outta me- AND Jonny...that says a lot! He was like a little kid trying to run up and do all the rides as fast as we could. Having Deklan there made it a little harder for sure. He was SO SO good! But obviously too small to ride any rides. Luckily being on a ship with 300 of our life vantage friends there was always someone to come to our rescue and want to hold him or watch him long enough to have fun :) 

 The longest lazy river for reals- and it really wasn't very Lazy- too dangerous for Deklan for sure- haha!This is Jeremy, Mindy, and Jonny :) I was with Deklan is the kiddy pools.
 They had SO many cool slides! Two of them went through clear tubes with sharks swimming on the outside- SO COOL!!!
 Isn't this resort ridiculous huge- this is seriously only PART of this place- one day was NOT enough time!
 Deklan's second beach officially :)
 The aquarium

Had to post this one for you Bailey- :) 

A video of this massive Manta Ray :)


Our Journey Through This Lovely Life said...

Oh how fun!!! What beautiful pictures!!

Tiffany said...

We went to Atlantis a couple years ago! LOVED it! And you're right, a day is not enough time! The tower plunge slide where you end up in the cave was the scariest!!

Ali and Sergio said...

sounds amazing!!!! looks amazing too!! I love all your fun trips, one of these times we all have to do one together!!