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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Las Vegas

Here is our week trip in pictures- I should have taken pictures of the resort. Best part was the amazing Jacuzzi tub and personal steam room- I used those daily! I officially want a steam shower in my house. We stayed at Tahiti Villiage because of the mile long lazy river and pools heated all year long. I didn't take any pictures of that but it was super nice while Jonny was at Elite Academy. 

 Here the boys are playing golf for a charity for Cindy Pageant. We miss you Cindy!!
 Our newest addition to our elite dinner Sam and Vandy Flake- SO incredibly proud of you guys! He was a teacher (now retired) from SnowFlake and is an inspiration!
 The Elite Dinner has grown SO MUCH each event it's amazing!!!! So exciting for so many families!!!!
 At the Aria in Vegas

 Shopping with Mommy
And Donny Osmond made his appearance at the event- Deklan got his first concert and LOVED it! hahaha!!!

That and he loved all the balloons that fell everywhere :)

 We did LOTS of shopping- I had NO idea they had the most AMAZING outlet mall in Vegas- Deklan got a whole new wardrobe! 
 We ate LOTS of yummy food- which made our crash diet pointless- oh well. :)
Jonny at Sema. A Big car event he has been wanting to go to FOREVER! 
 He met Robby Gordon- he was like a kid in a candy store with all the cars :)
Deklan did awesome- hopefully he stays that way for this upcoming week- wish me luck :)


Tisha and Mark said...

Mark is at SEMA this weekend! How fun- kind of jealous to be honest :) ANNNND, baby boy in his hat and boots for Halloween, what a cutie! He is getting so big and props on giving him a sucker! :)

Ali and Sergio said...

Awesome trip!!! Soooo jealous of that shopping trip!! I'll have to check that outlet out next time I'm there, well so happy to c u guys had a blast