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Monday, August 6, 2012

Harry Potter Land- the most magical place in the world

I waited so so long for this trip!! To be honest I didn't think we would end up doing an amusement park at all since it was so bloody hot and humid in Florida but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be since the parks had lots of areas to cool off and we never had to wait in line. It was PACKED- but we got sent straight to the front of the line with Deklan- whew! :) He loved it too! He was smiling at everything - either that or napping :)

You can see in this picture I was literally DYING to get inside Harry Potter Land- but it was seriously ALL THREE days this packed! The whole park wasn't this bad- but holy cow everyone wanted to spend all there time was understandable since it was UNBELIEVABLE! It of course had the amazing Harry Potter music playing, delicious butter beer- HOLY MOLY that stuff is good! Tastes like a werthers candy mixed with root beer- so delish! Olivanders was awesome- they had a show for the wands- than we bought some...I am not quit sure what we will use them for, but maybe we will just need to dress up as a family for Halloween in Harry Potter gear :) 

 The Castle was hands down the best part! They had an amazing ride and inside the castle were lots of details from the movie :)

 They of course had the floating candles and it looked like it was snowing!

 The best water ride I have ever been on! It literally is a mix between a rollar coaster and a water ride- Jonny was soaked head to toe! Which was okay since it was so super hot that we had to stop and cool down a few times :)

Deklan in his Cat in the Hat outfit we bought him and his first Dr. Suess book to start a collection- I am thinking a Dr Suess room when he is a toddler might be fun.
It was a fun trip but I am happy to be home! My sister is getting married in four days! After that hopefully things will slow down for a bit :)


Ali and Sergio said...

looks like a lot of fun!! sad we missed it :( next time though!!! love all the pics, keep um comin brit!

Love Jones said...

Pictures are awesome! I cant wait to go there next Spring! I do have a question though...did yall go just as a family (3 of you)? How did you all ride rides with Deklan? Im curious if they accomadate people with kiddos and no help or standing in line twice for one parent each to ride!