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Monday, August 6, 2012

3 months and some change

As if you don't see enough pictures of Deklan- here are some more.  I seriously can't believe he is THREE months old! Time is moving way to quickly for me- I still just LOVE to snuggle this little man! I took these about a week late- but better a little late than never right?! Going out of town messed things up a bit- but he is honestly growing SO much!!
He smiles ALL. DAY. LONG. And I love it. 

 He coos, talks, standing with our help, and WAS sleeping through the nigh 7-8 hours
He had his first chiropractic adjustment (thank you Dr. Nettles) which helped A LOT with sleep!  Now that he is home in his crib he is back to getting up every three hours- WHAT??? UGH! I have gotten NO SLEEP the past few days dang it! Last night we put him in our room in his little sleeper and he again slept a good seven hours- I didn't unfortunately. Couldn't sleep for some reason :( I hate to take him BACK into our room- but I truly enjoy the long sleep segments and have NO idea why he wakes up in the crib!
 This little boy melts my heart SO much! I fall in love more and more every single day as I get to know his cute personality. He is so sweet!

His hair is definitely starting to turn red! And he has some baldness going on!
STOP GROWING little Deklan!!!!


Ali and Sergio said...

he is getting big!! And yup it's gonna be a little red head!! haha lol he is such a cutie!!! Your a great mama brit, I am so happy for you!

E is for Elmes said...

My girls both struggled with sleeping at night right around the 3 mo. mark... Our saving grace was the swing! They both slept in the swing for few weeks. And really no one in our home complained bc everyone was able to sleep, which always makes for a happier home! Love seeing pics of your cute lil guy! Hope all is well!

Jacob and Sara said...

AAAAHHHHAHAHAH!!! I love the HOOORAY one! He's like fist pumping the air and clearly excited about something. Omg he gets cuter by the minute. I love you Deklan!!!

Tatum Rogers said...

AWWWW, so cute Brittany! He really is growing so fast. Such a doll face! Seriously precious. I am so happy for you.