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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Florida 2012

 I must say- Deklan was AMAZING on this trip! Every part of this trip turned out wonderful (minus maybe the beach day) Everyone says how hard it is to travel with a baby- maybe this is later on but seriously it was easy! It took a little longer to get places- but minus that he just made everything more fun! He slept LONGER than normal hours at night-and never fussed! It could have been from getting his first chiropractic adjustment but holy cow- he slept 7-8 hours EVERY NIGHT! That has literally never happened! I unfortunately got sick the first few days of the trip. I think Jonny liked having the baby to himself the second day at Elite Academy though. Deklan just started mimicking our faces we make- making him SO much fun to hold! This is pretty much the only picture we took which was at the Elite Dinner we went to the first night.

And then there was the beach...
 Sunday we went to Cocoa Beach. I learned a lot of things that day. Babies look real cute on the beach- but they make it a little tough. I won't be doing any beach trips soon unless our resort is ON the beach. Our resort was where all the theme parks were so an hour away from the beach. Cocoa beach wasn't NEARLY as pretty as the pictures- and was full of LOTS of nasty people. Not meaning to be judgmental- but lots of smoking weed- and definitely not a good spot for a baby. Needless to say after an hour drive, and some frustration, we left after like a half hour. BUT he still got to put his feet in the sand- and he loved it :) I can't help but smile seeing this little boy do all his firsts in life.
If you can see in the background- Deklan was checking out a lady in a thong- WAY too young and already staring- haha!
 My bald little chunky monkey!

And two of our friends we met up with :) Kara and Sarah

The resort pool- it was WAY WAY easier to be at the pool than the beach- a lot less messy :)
Always sleeping with his arms up- crazy boy!
Learning to Drive with Daddy
We got locked out of our room and while Jonny was getting our key- this boy was being seriously cute! Couldn't help but take a few pictures :)

We had an awesome resort we stayed at with a full kitchen and nice Jacuzzi tub :) We literally took a bath EVERY night together! Deklan LOVES his bath time :)

We walked up and down the Disney walk by Disney World- we ended up doing Universal Studios/Adventure Island for three days because I was seriously psyched for Harry Potter Land. More pictures to come on that later :)
He didn't love me trying to make him take a picture riding the dog made out of leggos- dang it

Picture from the flight up- he slept the WHOLE time both ways- not bad! :) It was great snuggle time :)

Getting the whole bed to himself for the morning- hahaha

 And a picture with the Grinch :) Thought the alligator shirt was appropriate for Florida! It was super hot so we did lots of movies and indoor relaxation as well- Next up will be pictures of Harry Potter Land- that one deserves it's own post! It was unbelievable!!! I want to go the winter next time though- gosh dang humidity!


Heather B said...

Oh my gosh, I'm dying. He is soooo cute. Enjoy the days of easy travel. Once they don't sleep during the day, and once they can walk...nightmare. He's just adorable. I need to see that boy.

Ali and Sergio said...

looks and sounds like he did amazing!! What a little trooper!!! I'm glad it wasn't so stressful because it's hard when they are fussy and such but he did awesome!!! Next time you guys go, we are definitely there!!!! I can't wait to try the harry potter land!!! That beach pic btw was so freakin funny but "no bueno little Declan!!!" lol girls are yuck!! Except your mom and aunties!!! lol ;)

Tiffany said...

Oh my gosh he is ADORABLE!!!