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Friday, March 2, 2012

Curacao- The Dutch Island

Don't worry- last post!!! I promise!!!! :)

Curacao is a fun island and was the last one to visit! We have been here once before but LAST time we went straight into the water to go diving- this is the time we got to feed sharks, swim with the stingrays, and play with the massive turtles!) But we didn't get explore the island because of it. The one perk to being big fat and pregnant on a cruise is that it somewhat forces you to slow things down and just explore. Jonny wouldn't let me feed the sharks this time for some reason. :)

Curacao is a dutch island therefore dutch money and LOTS of people speaking dutch! lol- it was a colorful island- SO beautiful and they sell massive amounts of amazing delicious cheese. For those of you who know me well- you know....I am obsessed with cheese. SO we bought some delicious goat cheese (some of my fav) shopped for a while, and explored the island a bit. Definitley a place I wouldn't mind coming back to visit again.

And that's it of the vacation posts. :)

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