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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Welcome Baby Luke!!!!!

I know. I look a little obsessed with this child. That's because I am. I have always been obsessed with my nieces and nephews but it's a whole different experience when it's your sister having a baby. Sara and Jake did so good for their first time- and this little guy is a STUD! I mean seriously check out that hair- I seriously can't wait to see what Jonny and mine looks like now- 6 months to go!!!!

He has our famous chin- my daddy's chin :) I think he totally looks like my sister!
Daddy trying to take care of baby after the shots- he honestly had the cutest little quiet cry

Mom after a hard day's labor- she really did so good!!! And is holding my growing belly- and I do mean growing.
Mommy and her little bear.
All the sister- we were ALL gawking over the baby- I'm sure the nurse was annoyed and trying to kick us out. haha!
And of course the first family photo- or one of them at least!
I finally got my turn to hold little Luke- he was SO wide awake and moving around a bunch! So active!
And the handsom little man himself!
The coolest twist of the evening- one of my good friends went into labor at the SAME time literally across the hall from Sara- I got to do double duty and go visit BOTH mammas before delivery and the babies of course after- I guessed they would deliver at 11:22. Bailey delivered at 11:22 and Sara at 11:24!!! I think it's my maternal instincts kicking in :) This one is Jonny holding Bailey and Chris's little one- he was totally freaked at first but I think he is gonna get the hang of it real soon.:) CONGRATS to both mammas last night! So excited for you both!

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karis stapley said...

That's so exciting for Sara & Jake & your whole family! congrats! He really, truly is a beautiful baby!! I mean, really, he is so handsome! And yes, he totally looks like Sara!