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Thursday, November 24, 2011

A lot to be grateful for

This year I feel I have SO much to be grateful for. For those who have had to feel the pains of infertility- it's more than a feeling of childlessness, it feels like loss. This is the FIRST time I have EVER been pregnant, felt like I am adding to our little family, or felt truly complete. Life is hard. I have had my fair share of trials, like most of us have, but Heavenly Father has ALWAYS been there for me. I have always had GOOD family and friends, and a husband who loves me. After going through loosing our home a year ago, getting back into a house, EVEN though it's renting , makes me SO GRATEFUL. And oddly enough I am grateful for the trials I have had because I feel like I have so much more gratitude in my heart for what I do have now. I feel like I know what truly matters now more than ever.

I hope everyone is having an amazing Thanksgiving this year! Can't wait to spend mine with the people I love. My waistline might expand a bit this week- just sayin maternity pants are needed today with all that pie! :) I am not sure about you guys- but it sounds like I will be in line all night again waiting for Black Friday- here we are last year- waiting for Jonny's X Box at Target- it was FREEZING! I think I just like cuddeling in line with hot cocoa more than the good deals :) I am grateful for this guy here- he is not perfect, but he is mine. We have been through SO much together and have now been married almost 8 YEARS! YIKES! I am grateful for the gospel, my family and friends, good jobs, my cute puppy, and of course my little peanut growing inside me right now that will be here in 6 MONTHS!!! Couldn't be happier.

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