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Friday, November 4, 2011

Hunger Games

Thought I would add a quick book review for those of you who like to read. :) I am not a HUGE reader but like a good book every now and then. Jonny and I decided to listen to a book on CD on one of our recent trips. I heard about The Hunger Games series from a few people, that it was a fun action sci fi type book and the movie is coming out next year! :) Jonny doesn't really read but loved the series SO much that has literally finished ALL three books without me. I am a little behind ALMOST done with the first book after taking a massive break from reading...pregnancy makes me tired- and reading makes that worse. :) But I am LOVING this book and will have it done in the next few days. The cast looks like it will be good for the upcoming movie. Check out the cast HERE. So if you are need of a good read- get started on this series because the first movie comes out March of 2012. Is anyone else getting excited for the midnight showing of Twilight? The fourth book was my fav!! Sure the acting is kinda lame- but I am still entertained, and that's okay with me.

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