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Monday, October 31, 2011

Maternity Shoot

This was a first for me so my poor sister had to deal with my lack of skill. :) But hey it takes practice and time to get any good right? It was fun to have such a beautiful model for my first shoot. Seriously though...she looks amazing right? She definitely has the glow going on and I hope to look as fabulous as her! She has 4 weeks to go till little Luke makes his appearance! Congratulations Baby Sister!!! Hopefully you don't hate me for posting these- You look fabulous!

ps. Please keep in mind these are NOT edited! She just looks this good naturally. :) Had so many good ones to choose from so these are just a few.


Tisha and Mark said...

You did awesome!! I can't wait to meet little Luke and then...see your maternity pics! :) My vote is for a girl because they are SO much fun to dress but Luke needs a close cousin too!

karis stapley said...

Beautiful! Beautiful!

Ali and Sergio said...

I think you did great Brit!!! She's so cute!! I can't wait for your pregnant pictures!! You will look amazing!