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Monday, October 31, 2011

San Antonio Texas

San Antonio Texas is where we spent out Halloween weekend pretty much. We were gone Wednesday through Sunday- I must say that it was MUCH more beautiful than I expected! I should have taken more pictures but have been a bit lazey as of late- this photo doesn't do the riverwalk justice! We stayed at the Hyaitt right on the river walk- walking distance to the convention center where Jonny's business convention was at.

I have to brag a bit about my husband so I hope you don't mind. :) He was finally recognized for getting to Pro 7- which I am so proud of all his hard work paying off! He also got to speak in front of about 2500 people on a "Men's Panel" where he got to answer questions of how he got where he is at. The last question he answered got me and a lot of other people in the audience to tears and he got a standing ovation! He did so good- public speaking is something I have NEVER been able to do- I literally can't comprehend it! All these guys did fantastic and the few days we were there we heard some AMAZING inspirational stories! :)

We were SO PROUD of our group! No kidding! We love getting to spend time with all our friends- we were especially proud of the many people who also our advancing in rank! I think that is probably the coolest part of multi level marketing- getting to see others achieve their goals as well!
The first night we were there was a nightmare- our freakin airconditioning went out so they gave us a HUGE suite to stay in as well- so we had a party with our downline...:) The room was packed!
Here is Jonny getting recognized for Pro 7!!! :)
Ad our only picture we took together was at this YUMMY Mexican restaurant on the River walk!

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