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Friday, October 21, 2011

My Month off Work

As most of you know I took about a month off work to be relaxed during this whole in vitro process. :) I can't believe it's over and I'm already back at work! The first two weeks were dealing with the treatments, constant Dr.'s appointments and bed rest at home which was fabulous! Jonny wouldn't let me do a thing so I literally just watched TV ALL DAY LONG. After that we went to Hawaii for a week...found out we were in deed pregnant, then took a trip to California for a family wedding, and ended the trip in Vegas with four fabulous days splurging in a resort. I didn't really get any pictures in Vegas but California I got to meet some of Jonny's extended family I had never met before!

Lovin on our niece....:)
The Italian side of the family I got to meet- LOVE this family :)
Jonny is going to be such a great dad- he decided to bribe the kids by paying them to eat their veggies...haha! It worked!

Then I bribed them to come dance with me :)
And the Bride and Groom- absolutely beautiful ceremony! Glad we were able to make it! :)

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Ali and Sergio said...

those pics are hilarious!!! I love them! I forgot about the veggies, too funny!! :) That was a fun trip!