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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Shopping in Lahaina

One of the days we all went down to Lahaina (my fav!)for shopping and good food! This is the side of Island we usually go to so it feels like home which I love! This shopping area is right against the ocean which is breathtaking! All the restaurants are literally right over the water- makes dining SO much more fun! The day was fun and we got some fun new stuff (although I must say shopping in Hawaii- food or otherwise is EXPENSIVE! No kidding a gallon of milk is like $6! Makes it hard to justify shopping.:)


AZ Finters said...

Hope you had a lava flow for me...

west coast girl said...

So beautiful! We stayed in Lahaina on our honeymoon and loved it. So quiet and romantic, right? I am so glad you got to take such a perfect babymoon. ;)