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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Blue Water Rafting/ Dinner at Humuhumunkunukhapuaa

We had dinner at this yummy place at the resort- could never figure out how the heck to pronounce it! But I loved the cool "huts on the water" atmosphere- and that picture of our desert was AMAZING!

Below: These are a few of the pics at the Blue Water rafting excursion I wasn't allowed to go on- but I decided to let Jonny go- They went on these fun boats that were super fast (WAY to bouncy for a pregnant lady!) They went snorkeling and saw an eels, lots of fish including Dori from Finding Nemo :) and an Octopus!!! When they were going back on the oats a bunch of dolphins were surrounding the boats doing all sorts of flips- SO sad I missed out on this! They say dolphins know when your pregnant and will follow you around to protect you!! One of the girls on board WAS pregnant- a little further along (probably not as panicked as I was) and I figure that's why the dolphins got so close! SO cool!! Jonny's camera ran out of space and these are the only pics he got. :(

This is a valconic formation...
One more post of pics- then I should be done- TRUST me trying to narrow down pictures of Hawaii is HARD. :)

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Ali and Sergio said...

Wow, that all looked amazing!!!! I want to go so bad, one day I suppose... Maybe a big family trip :) Well, it looked to me like you guys had a great trip!!! Love you guys!