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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Maui Revealed

I posted these pictures in backward order- but am too lazy to fix them! :)We went to Costco finally and baught the "Maui Revealed" book...BEST BOOK EVER for trips to Hawaii. Our friends Heather and Sam told us about those years ago on our first trip (THANKS Heather!!!)Everyone says Road to Hana is too exhausting to do after doing it once (SO untrue!) You just have to know where to go and how to do the trip! :) We have been to Maui now four times and did Road to Hana on three of the trips- totally worth it every time because of this book! It tells you exactly where to go! So we took several of our life vantage friends- went on one of the fun hikes and then drove back 3 or 4 hours later- ate at Paia Fish Market on the way back (mmm SO GOOD!) So start at the bottom at # 1. and work your way up to see our fun adventure! :)

#12 Sorry about the bad quality of pics- because we had to swim- we could only bring an underwater camera( here was the last waterfall) with the boys about to jump!

#12. We climbed this last little waterfall to find our Oasis. No one was there but us- we stayed there for a few hours before hiking back- we had SO much fun! The whole area just felt like a big screen saver.
#11. All the ladies attempting to use the tube to cross this part- we moved VERY slowly!
#10. To get to the fourth waterfall (which we didn't get to last time we did this trip) you have to swim 100 feet in nasty smelling rotten guava water. There was a random Pink tube that Blue found and brought to the pregnant lady to use. :)
#9. Top of the second waterfall
# 8. The ladies. :)
#7. The random ladder in the middle of nowhere we have to climb to get to the next waterfall.
#6. This was the first waterfall (there were four total if you make it to the top) Here is Blue making the first jump!
#5. We got to hike through this amazing bamboo forest- literally covered the top so the sun could barley shine through-
#4. I didn't do much climbing and jumping- but Jonny sure did. Him and Colt were like Monkeys!
#3. This was our group that went with us that day- made the trip so fun! We were laughing pretty much the whole time. I had A LOT of help from everyone being that I was sorta on bed rest- haha!
#2. We had lots of little hurdles like jumping across boards, climbing ladders and rocks, swimming across waterfalls to get to our end destination. Made this trip SO FUN!
#1. This is the opening on the side of the road that we go into to find the trail- looks suspicious but is SO BEAUTIFUL inside- you literally step over the barbed wire and make your way back on the trail- so pretty!!!!! If you are on the Road to Hana- you literally go 6.6 miles to find this little opening (we would have never known with out the book) P.S These two are our good friends Bernalyn and Stephan- we had LOTS of people ask if he was Obama- for reals- SO funny!!!!! He really does look like him- but WAY better...just sayin! He is 60 years old and this guy was cliff jumping the whole time! LOVE these guys!

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