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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

And some more:

We literally rolled out of bed and walked one flight up the stairs to chill for the day (our room was right below the pool which was fabulous!!!
The Pool Area
Chillaxen the day away!
Jonny playing the game Angry Birds-he literally can play that game on his I Pad for hours!
Sippen on some virgin margaritas baby!
Crazy Bailey and Chris-we had fun with you guys by the way...let's do this again real soon!!!:)

The Group

These were the water games that some of our group participated in! Having a big group of like 75 peoplemade it fun because at least one of us was involved somehow making it fun to cheer for!
Course we won! I mean look at these awesome guys!
Is this little guy not the cutest thing you have ever seen!!? His name is cute!
I started chatting with the lady next to me about the business we are in-ended up signing her and her friend up on board!haha! They just LOVED Jonny!!!hahaha! Makin his way with the ladies!
SOme of our new buddies!
This was the formal night on the cruise- thought it would be so appropriate to toast with ice cream cups...haha!

Thought Jonny's face was too funny in this one NOT to post! Since this was the formal night we went to a show afterwards to see all the dancers
One of the husbands in our group got called up on stage to dance-lol!
Little Ocean with the dancers- He really is the cutest thing ever!

Day 2 was a success! Hope you all are looking foreward to Thanksgiving this week! I know I am!!! My stomach is all stretched from the cruise and ready for some Turkey!

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