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Monday, November 22, 2010

Cruise Part One

Our View of Miami boarding onto the ship
Every cruise we have been on we like to spend the hour we "take off" in the Jacuzzi- It just feels so strange to be in the water and floating on the water at the same time! Plus it's a good way to start off a relaxing week in the Caribbean!

A lot of our trip consisted of room service and watching movies on the I Pad-not the biggest space but it's a view of the room!:)
We went with a group of about 75 people which made this trip one of the best trips we have ever been on! How can you NOT have one when you have good friends to hang with the whole time!

Jonny and I got this amazing drink package which included ALL the Virgin Daquaris I could dream fat off those alone! DELISH!!!! This was us ladies on the munch and mingle the first night with Life Vantage
Jonny and I before dinnerPromised a friend I would take pics of the food...I forgot most nights but let me tell you, I ate WAY too much!!! FOOD EVERYWHERE!!!

Us and a few of our friends went dancing at one of the clubs -it was happening let me tell you!haha! Remember MOST of these people had unlimmited alcohol packages so you should see some of the dancing I saw...haha!

I am back!!! It's been a crazy few weeks!! First off, thank you for the kind comments, and for your information I am still in the running for americas next top model...hahaha! No really though, Chels may win, pretty exciting! Since I have been back I have been non stop moving into our new apartment! That is of course after running from the apartment to sit in line in the cold for the midnight showing of Harry Potter (Totally worth the wait!) I also start my masters degree...tomorrow so that's kinda big stuff too. I decided to jump online and attempt to blog, then I got overwhelmed realizing I have pictures on two sets of cameras (not all of them are uploaded) PLUS pictures that were from a disposable camera that I have to actually PRINT the photos! GASP!!!! Who prints photos these days anyways!!!haha!!! Ok so here I go....part one with the few pictures I have access too!

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Tisha and Mark said...

welcome back! And yes!! You do look like the girl from ANTM! Looks like day was on the cruise was fun. I can't wait to go again. Good luck with your Masters...I did two classes and wimped out! Ha!