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Monday, November 29, 2010

What A Day!

I have so much to post on my blog-like fun cruise pictures and thanksgiving family fun, but am overwhelmed with a grateful heart right now. Today was an emotional rough day, but it's almost over-and I'm grateful. Grateful I made it after 700 people got layed off from University of Phoenix when it was totally unexpected, grateful that my little Lexi lived after throwing herself off our balcony on the third story floor apartment we just moved to, and grateful for my loving family and friends who are so amazing and supportive during rough times. Heavenly Father must love me because I have a good job, shelter over my head, and food to eat. It's funny how all these crazy things happen right after thanksgiving! Today I came into work assuming it would be a normal day, but I was wrong. They pulled in a big group of people (some of which were my close friends-one of which I drove to work with daily-) and told them they are no longer needed with the University. Just like that. I have never seen a big layoff but let me tell you it was awful. Lots of tears and anger and sadness. We are all a little terrified for what the future holds. Half way through the day I got a call from my husband who was crying and extemley upset saying he didn't know how to tell me this but Lexi was gone. She was dying because she jumped off our balcony-she was bleeding from her mouth and wasn't moving. Just a reminder that she is my baby. I of course freaked out and was on my way to meet Jonny at the vet when he said she was miraculously walking and doing just fine. She is a little freaked out and has thrown up a few times but is overall doing just fine which is CRAZY considering how far she fell and how tiny she is. So today I am just grateful that she is okay...and I have my job-so please pray that the lay offs are done!


Heather B said...

Oh my gosh Brit! I am soooo glad that your dog is okay! And that you didn't get laid off either-- wow, what a shocker from UOP!

AZ Finters said...

Funny story is... I actually fell off my balcony with my little dog when I was 14ish. We were saved by a prickily plant. A broken arm and lots of thorns later, we were both fine. Glad your lexi is ok.

Basarabas said...

I seriously cannot believe Lexi fell off the balcony. So sad! Cute little thing, I'm glad she's ok.