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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

ThanksGiving Weekend

My sisters and my cute little cousin at my family Thanksgiving

Tawnee and Kelly were bribed by my mom to do a dance at the family talent show and my older sister Dayna decided to dive in-I have the video but am too lazy to post it...although it was rather funny

This was the whole group and Jonny's okay I'm ready for part two of thanksgiving look...haha!!
Jonny's family thanksgiving was way smaller then normal but it was fun to have such an intimate little group-this was us all passing the paper turkey around and saying what we are grateful for.
Ali and the cutest little girl ever-Addrianna
Jonny and I waiting in line at Target in the freezing cold!!! Yes we were one of the crazies in line at midnight till 4 am!!
Andrea and I at Kaya's birthday party!!
The Boys
My adorable little Kaya-Just LOVE this girl!!!
Hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving!! It's always a busy but fun time of year. We did the usual 2 family thanksgiving which meant 2 dinners and we were twice as fat by the end of the day. Double the fatness is double the fun though right? We also did the whole staying outside in line in the FREEZING COLD at target for four hours on black Friday...seriously people were CRAZY!! Jonny just HAD to get the xbox Connect for his birthday though-I'm a good wife and said yes. Now I like it just as much as him though...hahaha! Then I added pics from My best friend Andrea's daughters birthday party-they really know how to party!! Lots of delicious food, a fire, fun people, and of course a bouncy house which us adults bounced in...haha! I am a little behind in posting because of school but thought I would get a start! Now I am off to study!!!:)

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