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Thursday, October 14, 2010

26 Things To Do in My 26th Year!

Yes, Yes, I know I am getting up there in age. It really did just sneak up on me somehow. I was thinking that as dreadful as getting old feels that I might as well make something good of it! Figure I can make every year important- make it count for something! Some people look at the New Year for resolutions- I tend to shy away from that because for some reason making goals with everyone else at the same time makes me fail. That and it's holiday season so I loose all focus on the big picture. So my birthday (October 24th to be exact) is coming up, and I went ahead and made a list of 26 things I will do in my 26th year! So here they are!!!

1. Read the Book of Mormon (Start to Finish)

2. Go to temple sessions at 3 different temples this year

3. Teach Lexi a Trick

4. Get Pregnant (let’s hope!!)

5. Start my Masters Degree

6. Grow my Hair Out

7. Learn to Run 5 Miles straight

8. Get Myself a Car!!!!!!!!

9. Get a hot bod!!!-my definition of a hot bod at least.:)

10. Watch ALL of the Harry Potter’s before the New one comes out

11. Read the Last Harry Potter Book

12. Bake Double Fudge Homemade Oreo Cookies for Jonny

13. Get our own Place (Any place withOUT other people will do)

14. Bowl a Turkey (Three strikes in a row)

15. Learn How to Grill something (turn the grill on and off)- It really scares me

16. Find Jenn a New Husband- HOT MAN (Yes Jenn this is on my to do list)

17. Shoot my New Gun

18. Learn to play a song on the piano- any song will do since I have never played before

19. Take a dance class

20. Work on starting Personal Progress (long story)

21. Finish my 40 Hours volunteering at the children’s hospital

22. Go to the Grand Canyon (NEVER been!)

23. Plan a Hike here in AZ

24. Make Strawberry Jam

25. Re read (or listen) to all the conference talks

26. Bust out my Flute! Haven't played that in YEARS!!!

IS there anything I am missing?? These are not in any order of importance by the way...I will try to keep you updated on my progress.:)

1 comment:

Jenn said...

BAH HAHAHAHAHAHA I am so excited for you to find me a hot man! haha and definitely excited for you to bust out your flute!! haha love ya bestie!