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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad

Last week my dad would have been turning 54. Us girls as we usually do (plus the two husbands in the family) went to the gravesite to visit dad. We tell all of the good memories (and sometimes the bad), and spend time together the way dad would have wanted it. They say this comes easier in time, but I'm not so sure about that. We have our good days and our bad, and the bad are really hard. I have missed him so much lately, wondering what it will be like to have kids that will never know their grandpa, or wishing I would have spent more quality time with him that last year. I think when something that big happends it doesn't seem real or soak in till after all the flowers, food, and comfort leaves. That's when reality sets in. I miss kissing his bald head, and seeing his happy face when I walked in the door, him calling me his princess rose, and his massive bear hugs. No man can ever replace your dad- that man who loves you no matter what! So word of advice- go talk to your dad. Spend quality time with him and really tell him you love him. You never know when the people you love the most will leave you. Miss you dad.


~Hartwig Family~ said...

Loosing a loved one,especially a Parent,is extremely painful at times. Cherish the little moments in life and those will carry you through when the tough times hit. Your Dad looked like an amazing man. Just think of all the sweet babes he will give angel kisses before coming to you! Hugs :-) HAPPY BIRTHDAY to him! Sweet pictures!

Carrie Lindberg said...

Brit, You are a strong and brave girl. You are in my thoughts at this time!