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Sunday, August 1, 2010

WARNING- this post may be a little x-rated.:)

I am not even sure where to start on this post. My best friend Jenn and I were in charge of throwing Sara a bachlorette party. To be totally honest I had NO idea where to start since I never had this type of party when I got married. I wanted it to be fun but also knew it needed to be kept somewhat clean considering Sara will be going through the temple for the first time next week. Jenn and I had SO much fun planning this party (mostly at work on our lunch breaks) for the past few months. This party was meant for only Sara's closest friends- NO moms allowed.:) We made some "Penis" cookies along with various other random food for the girls to snack on. I also happened to have a friend at work who owned a stipper pole. This happened to fit quit nicley in the family room for the party. One of the girls swung on it and it kinda fell down-oops. That was pretty funny! We also made some fun non-alcoholic beverages to go in our "margarita glasses." We did some fun games and also got to hear some fun sex advice from all the girls. I would LOVE to post that video but it may be a little too much for the blog, along with a few other inappropriate games I won't post. The absolute BEST part of the party was when Clayton our somewhat "stripper" you could say showed up.:) Don't worry- he was pretty much fully clothed the entire time and was doing only PG-13 dance moves! He was freakin HILARIOUS though and definitley made the party worth while! CLayton- thank you for the awesome dance moves you brought to the party!! Most of all thank you to Jenn!! I couldn't have done this party without you! Now only one more week till the big day!!!!!!


Tisha and Mark said...

Hil-ar-ious! I totally know Ashley Young and I was glad to see her prego picks :) Still a trip your little sis is getting married! Sounds like it was a fun party! :) Hope thing are well.

Heather said...

glad it went so well. Can't wait to hear more about it.

mike and breanna devlin said...

OMG! THis is a CLASSIC!! My friends got a stripper at my bachelorette party. Most embarrassing thing ever! He was suppose to be a hot fireman, but i guess the company screwed up the order and instead we got a gay cowboy. It was so awkward!! ANyhoo, great post!