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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sara's Bridal Shower/ New Home

I can't believe my baby sister is getting married! It has been a crazy time for all of us as you all know how busy and stressful wedding time can be, but we only have 2 and a half weeks left to go! This last Saturday we spent the day at the bridal shower, then a little wedding planning, then taking all her gifts back to her new home...and then we went to the best movie of all time at the I MAX!! Inception is my new favorite movie! You seriously don't even notice it's 3 hours long because it's so dang good! TOTALLY worth seeing at the IMAX! Now to explain the pictures in these AWESOME dresses! One of my moms friends has been wanting to contribute to Sara's wedding. So she kindly brough over some iteams that we could possibly use...two of which were these dresses. Yep. She really thought we would use them. We got a laugh out of them and took some pictures. The other girls in the photos are the foster children that live with my mom and my aunt. Megan has been living at my moms house for almost 7 years and is legally blind in her left eye. She is pretty much family now! The other two are also practically cousins since they have lived with my Aunt forever! Funny story too...Sara's new home she bought, happened to be almost IDENTICAL to my first home!! I will have to dig to find a picture of it. Too funny! Anywho...enjoy the pics!:)


karis stapley said...

How fun! Great house! We are excited for You guys & the Ellgrens since I grew up with them. :)
What a great bridal shower!
Britt you are doing a great job & are a great older sister helping out so much. :)

Jenn and Tyler said...

Looks awesome!! Again with the decorating skills! Love how it turned out you should go into business!! haha and the shower seems a success with tasty foods! I love RA RAs new house too! Can't wait to see it in person!! Those dresses are awesome hahahahha best pictures ever. I feel like I was their can't wait for our party!