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Saturday, August 7, 2010

It Finally Happened!

Sara is now married to the Jacob Elgreen! She was the most beautiful bride and we were blessed with only a few sprinkles of rain for an outside wedding in August! Now that this blessed event has occured I am grateful we can all get back to normal life again!! At least for another year or so till the other two sisters decide to get engaged. I am just praying they won't be close together! Here are some of the pics from that night I took...can't wait to see the ones the photographer took.:)


Heather B said...

Oh my gosh! Everything is sooooo beautiful, the cake, the colors, but especially the bride. CONGRATS to your sister! I love your hair too Brit.

karis stapley said...

Yeaaaa! Congrats to the newly weds!! She was gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the fun pics! Everything looks beautiful!